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  1. J D Wijbenga

    Review Short review: Surge Panchenko production slip joint

    Excellent review! i agree, pity modern slip joints do not always have the traditional thin grinds.
  2. J D Wijbenga

    A traditional german Nicker

    Nice! Very clean lines.
  3. J D Wijbenga

    French regional knives...

    Very nice! Don't often see Farol knives. They do have a very distinct style! Thanks for showing!
  4. J D Wijbenga

    Photos Gaucho Knife integral. By: Renan Scariot

    Beautiful knife! Thanks for showing.
  5. J D Wijbenga


    Beautiful work!
  6. J D Wijbenga


    Her is a Spanish Campaña by Pedro Bermudez.
  7. J D Wijbenga

    Karesansui - Japanese sand patterns

    Good looking design with very nice materials!
  8. J D Wijbenga

    Sam Ukeiley Slip Joint

    That looks very nice!