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    The Villager Utility Knife arrived last night

    Have you considered Kydex for a sheath? Its basically heat formed plastic, but it works great for field use. Perfect IMHO for a VUK. This is an old link, but if you scan down there are some pics. There certainly are some folks on the forum who can make some fine things from Kydex. Pugs as noted...
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    Early Bird special for 10/5

    Done Deal!!! 12 1/4'' 16 ounce Ram Kumar's western style Bowie by Ram Kumar. Sandan wood handle with copper pins. Nice leather sheath. One more addition to your collection at $95. Been awhile, but just had to... :) Mateo
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    Rusty knives

    Thanks everyone. Love that AK comeback story :)
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    Rusty knives

    Hello Folks, I have a few knives that I need to polish up due to rust and general grunge/sap/tar. Both polished and villager (satin) finishes. Nothing too serious, mostly surface stuff, I dont think any pitting. Any recommendations on grade(s) of steel wool to get? I have some metal polishes...
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    Jungle Knife Mod, it's all Steely's fault!

    Rollercoaster! Photo of that handlecut, I was NOOOOOOOO! Then blued and glued with the fiberfix, I was YEESSSSSSS!
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    Modifying the Pen Knife or Giving Purists Heartburn with My Tactical Spatula

    Fiber Fix wrap. Something I never knew I wanted, but have always needed. I have a VUK with a rhododendron handle, very functional, but not like the newer VUKs with the prettier woods. The grip has always been a little small for my hand, couple wraps of this stuff might just be what I was looking...
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    Describe the knife that would be an ideal DOTD for you

    R knife with about 1.5 inch more blade than grip. Wide single fuller. Choil. Small finger guard that would fit between fingers when using the choil. About 1.5 inch of jimping on the blade. Rosewood handle with lanyard hole. All white metal fittings. Villager fit and finish. Kumar. Handle...
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    Cherokee Rose for 6/26

    The first of them! Oh so tempting!!!
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    Preview of coming attractions.

    Wow that elk MMB is singing loudly! Also love that checkering on those other MMBs. I might need to swoop on one of those...but will need to be fast!
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    Who want to make new handle

    Eric, another nice snag! I think we are going to need to see your masterwork on the new handle please!
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    Great weekend hike and Katunje Knife

    Thats a beauty. That sheath looks premium too
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    Kumar's M-43, PK and CAK for 9/13

    EMS 12.5 inch 11 ounce Pen Knife by Kumar. Beautiful neem wood handle. Leather sheath. $118. Fingers crossed... Mateo
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    Monday Evening with Ultimate Fighter and Hasiya

    Your gonna love that hasiya. Its great at taking down matted vines.
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    End of the month sales and bargain for 1/30

    Bawanna does fine work! Hey Bawanna if you are looking for some projects i have a couple HI blades i would love to have that special touch. I have an R knife you checkered and its one of my favorites!!!
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    Kumar made me a 25" Gelbu Special (Initial Review) Perfect Balance

    What a beauty!!! I personally love the satin finish on a blade. Something about the color and the way it soaks in the light... Kumar is a Master!
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    Bhakta MMB, M-43 and Villager CAK for Tuesday Evening

    Beautiful. I have an R Knife you checkered for me. LOVE it.
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    Loving the new long seax. Having a Baldric!

    LOL with the shirt on it looks like you are carrying a small belt knife.... Suprise!
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    Help me justify or talk me out of a wajaski or kumar karda

    Karda is a great knife in all sizes.
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    Deals for 9/12--Pix Agni jowala, Manjushree, M-43 and Awesome buys

    Another pretty lightweight M43. Its rare and beautiful. I got the other one, someone save me from this beauty!