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  1. warrenwrench

    SOLD Thx Curtiss Cruze Plain Ti

    I'll take this. PM inbound.
  2. warrenwrench

    Fiddleback ANYDAY Pocket Dump....Updated title

    Thanks, figured you would like that one. 😁
  3. warrenwrench

    Branching out.

    The 1st on the left is beautiful Andy. 👍
  4. warrenwrench

    Civivi, Spyderco, boker, and Benchmade

    What's the blade length on the F3?
  5. warrenwrench

    SOLD Fiddleback Forge/Warlander Muskrat BNIB

    I can't stand it, I'll take it. PM inbound.
  6. warrenwrench

    GEC 15s and 47

    I'll take the 15 cocobolo
  7. warrenwrench

    Curtiss F3 Medium Damasteel Tanto

    I'll take this. PM inbound.
  8. warrenwrench


    I'll take the Fiddleback. PM inbound.
  9. warrenwrench

    Stag Saturday - Let's See Some Traditional Stag!

    No, that is an LC from John Lloyd. Love the Stag on it.