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    Please help me with burr/wire edge removal

    Great video Bluntcut thanks for making it.
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    My first go at making brushes

    Those are really nice looking
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    Want to try using a straight razor

    I think whipped dog is your best inexpensive (not cheap) way to get into a honed shave ready straight from the get go. Larry does a great job I got an awesome vintage made in Sheffield from him. That's an awesome looking brush crazyengineer what is it?
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    DE for beginner

    The Edwin Jagger D89 is very nice too.
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    Cowboy Knives

    Interesting thread old or not. Most "Hands" I know carry stockmen, trappers, or sodbusters. Case, Old Timers, and Buck mostly, nothing quick stop cheap though.
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    Disposable straight razor good to start?

    I have a Dovo shavette that works well, a Parker is cheaper to get. Pm me.
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    My first Case Knife

    Love the jigged blue bone
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    Screwed up the edge on my new back pocket.

    No no I sharpened it before this happened. There was no visible burr at 30x after I sharpened it before I stropped it. Sorry for the confusion.
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    Screwed up the edge on my new back pocket.

    Yes it is a Case back pocket in CV. I am trying to keep the factory bevel at this time.
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    EDC II Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    My vintage Pal Blade Co. easy open jack trimmed a cork to fit into a scotch bottle that lost its cap. Does that count?
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    Screwed up the edge on my new back pocket.

    Got a new back pocket the other day. The factory edge was okay. I sharpened it until it would cut a hanging hair with a little swipe, but it jut wasn't hair whittling. Well that bugged me so this afternoon I decided to stop it. I very gently stopped it on chromium oxide about 30 strokes per...
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    Objective Sharpness Testing?

    I'm proud to push cut phone book paper. Sharpened my new back pocket this evening. Push cuts yellow pages along the whole edge. Took one of the wife's hairs ( not on her head ) and could cut it off hanging with a swipe about four places up the blade, it still wouldn't whittle hair freely but...
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    4 1/4 or longer, lets see 'um

    Very nice re-grind looks great
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    4 1/4 or longer, lets see 'um

    Really like that modified English Jack, are they still available? I can't find one that exact pattern, have a link?
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    Rigging the back pocket for extra safety.

    Check out the traditional lanyard for a British Navy knife. Easy to make and you can use while still attached to the lanyard and belt.
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    Pocket knife for 8 year old boy

    He's got plenty of time for all the gee whiz bang knives that are out there as he gets older. I agree will a slippy and being taught the right way to use one. A stockman or a trapper that is quality (I didn't say expensive) will likely be with him a long time. Now where the heck did all my...
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    Have to show off the new stuff! Knife/Pouch combo

    Did the lanyard come with the knife?