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  1. SlothSid

    Week 30 - Ka-Bar Becker BK5 Magnum Camp

    I’m in. Thank you!
  2. SlothSid

    The Whittling Starter Kit GAW II — Winner Chosen — See Post #44

    Cool giveaway! I'm in. I like gardening and kayaking when the weather permits.
  3. SlothSid

    SoCalEDC's 2,000 post giveaway.

    I'm in. Thanks for the GAW!
  4. SlothSid

    300 post giveaway -winner chosen--

    Damn it! No pics, but couple years ago I cut the end of my left index finger with angle grinder - zip! 1/8th inch of bone gone. And last summer I managed to sever the tendon on my right middle finger, that required actual knock me out surgery to repair - and buggered my whole summer! So, I...
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    Thank you Charlie
  6. SlothSid


    Those are nice! Could you list make and model? Again, very nice!
  7. SlothSid

    paulhilborn won! Giveaway: Moki 120M Small Blakiston's Fish Owl Lockback

    Please count me in! Thank you for the opportunity!
  8. SlothSid

    Norvell Shapleigh Bartender's Knife

    That is a very cool knife! Great find!
  9. SlothSid

    Something a little different ( Sold)

    Reminds me of a snakehead fish. But I like it!
  10. SlothSid

    Opinions on Case Russlocks?

    No doubt about it, the Russlock is different. A local hardware store has a decent Case display, and I know I have seen several Russlocks in it. Maybe next time I go that direction I'll have to pick one up.
  11. SlothSid

    Wharny with spark erosion shield

    I like it, nice clean useable design!
  12. SlothSid

    GAW in honor of Ackjm35

    I would have to say John Lloyd makes a beautiful Ettrick pattern knife. I don't own one, but that pattern really catches my eye. Thanks for this giveaway! I'm in.
  13. SlothSid

    Giveaway Fletcher Knives Custom Karniboro Cleaver from USA Made Blade

    I'm in! If I win, I'll be prepping meat for the smoker, and chopping veggies for roasts. Thanks for the generous GAW!