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    traveling to costa rica

    just take the knives apart and just convert the blade to a fixed blade and then re assemble them after words. cause fixed blades as far. THis is not legal advice and im not a lawyer
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    If you could bring one knife back from the past....

    the large gerber fixed blade knife since i live in california and if lived in a state that allowed it would be the cold steel arc angel
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    Your Biggest Folder.

    My is a chinnesse clone of the cold steel ti lite
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    Carrying a Fixed Blade in California...

    I'm from Turlock and i carried a fixed blade knife alot actually and never really got any comments about it( well except from my friends who complain about it; but learn it is best not to carry at certain times and places openly atleast). i usually never have any one noticed i carried a fixed...
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    UK Knife laws?

    I would check with the airlines as to their policies in checked lungage cause there might be the possibility of u having to have to mail them
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    College students!

    yes i do that same thing and i gotten an ontario marine radier bowie and my first spyderco which was the endura
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    Anyone ever cut aluminium tape with your folding knife?

    I don't cut alumium tape often but typically use serattions for that type of work and if i only have a partially serated knife i just use the seratted portion. I do cut open aluminum cans with my knives too.
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    A question on Dirks and Dagger laws in Caliornia

    Thanks for the advise I was just wondering cause I just printed the penal code to keep in my backpack and I just never read the definition
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    A question on Dirks and Dagger laws in Caliornia

    My question is would a knife with no point such as a cleaver or a becker tack-tool machete be carried concealed because california defined a dirk or dagger as "16470. As used in this part, "dirk" or "dagger" means a knife or other instrument with or without a handguard that is capable of ready...
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    Benchmade, Spyderco, or Kershaw?

    get a benchmade mini grip
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    More knife control stupidity

    to tell you the truth there should be no prohibiton in any type of knife
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    Best mechanism on a folder?

    for me it would be the butterfly knife mechanisim or a side locking knife like sog arc lock or benchmade axis lock
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    What you would edc in your dream world

    Nutty Knife Nut i agree with you one that. I wish California would allow me to conceal a fixed blade knife alonge with balisongs
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    What you would edc in your dream world

    This thread is posting or showing pictures of edc knife or knives( theres no limit) if their was no regualtions on carry of knives or what type and non knife people were not scared of knives. My dream edc knives would my marine raider by ontario or cold steel bowie a zt boot knife or/and...
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    In a Survival Situation 440C Sandvick or D2 steel

    440 c cause it holds a good edge its easy to sharpen ( well for me). it is pretty rust resistant and most importantly i would be more willing to carry it due to most ( well good heat treated) 440c being cheaper than alot of other stainless out there. Aslo remember 440c use to be considered the...
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    Which Spyderco to get

    That's what i do now actually and i don't have the clip showing unless im out of my dorm. And thanks for the advice
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    Which Spyderco to get

    I like how the caly looks but since i live in a dorm i would be scared of it being stolen and not being able to replace it readly since its a sprint run or my new ra not knowing the rules and taking a knife away but thats a different story ( let's say i was allowed to keep a 9in kitchen knife...
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    Which Spyderco to get

    that's pretty good deal for three knives