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  1. Jakeboy

    Pictures of Orange Knives

    That's not a "pristine", blade, and violates our highly refined sensibilities. BIG FAIL! Show us your "flash", stuff. That thing is way too "plebeian", for us "Elite Blade Master", types. You didn't actually use that blade, did you?? Your found it, right???
  2. Jakeboy

    Let's see the face behind the knife

    Duck Dynasty!!!
  3. Jakeboy

    Awesome folder!

    I've just returned from a motorcycle trip to AK. 30 days of touring and primitive camping wasn't nearly enough in this beautiful state! While visiting Fairbanks, I came across this knife that I absolutely had to have. The shopkeeper (USMC Korean Vet), said that he was selling this knife...
  4. Jakeboy

    The Walden 153 Uncle Henry...the one and only?

    Great that there's another 153UH out there! Like fine wine, a classic never gets "old", just better.
  5. Jakeboy

    Best all around knife.

    Light to medium duty: 1/8" thick, 3"-5" blade Medium to heavy: 3/16" thick, 6"-8" blade. For my upcoming trip to AK (30 days of primitive camping), I'll be taking my Condor Hudson's Bay and a knife I built myself:
  6. Jakeboy

    First ALL purpose fix blade under $200.00?

    I have very little use for a knife any thicker than 1/8" for a general duty camp knife. I bring along a "chopper" for baton duty on larger stuff, but for everything else, 1/8" does it for me. YMMV. FWIW, the new Mora's in 1/8" thick C.S. blades do everything but heavy chopping (I use a...
  7. Jakeboy

    Best survival knife?

    Make your own!
  8. Jakeboy

    Cheap Beater Bowie

    This knife is the bomb! I'm going to AK this summer for a 30 day motorcycle touring/primitive camping trip and this will be my primary heavy blade. I've used this knife on several camping trips already and it is a winner. Nice sheath, too!
  9. Jakeboy

    5160 chopper/camp knife (WIP)

    Looking good, Chad2!!!
  10. Jakeboy

    The Walden 153 Uncle Henry...the one and only?

    Nice find! I'm sure others will chime in here. Post pics when you receive it!!!!!
  11. Jakeboy

    Give me the skinny on canister stoves

    I've got the GSI Dualist and it works great!
  12. Jakeboy

    Pictures of Orange Knives

    That Bush Monkey does it for me. I've not been familiar with them. That's my style of "do it all", knife. I've got a new design in the works that's going to be close to the Bush Monkey. I make 'em for friends and family, so they aren't perfect! Here's a pic of my best (original)...
  13. Jakeboy

    What compass do you carry?

    Good deal! I have compasses stashed in all my outdoor gear, vehicles, etc. I'm "old school". I prefer to use maps and compasses. GPS has gotten me messed up, maps never have. There's something about knowing how to navigate with simple, reliable tools that gives you a level of confidence...
  14. Jakeboy

    What compass do you carry?

    I was in Germany a few years ago and realized I had left my compass at home! Since I like to have one when walking around unfamiliar places (cities included!), I started looking around for a place to pick up a simple compass. I found this one in a small shop in Bavaria that catered to hikers...
  15. Jakeboy

    Do You Get Crazy With Your Lanyard Colors?

    +1 on bright colored para cord for making a knife easier to find.
  16. Jakeboy

    What's your Camp Knife ?

    Condor Hudson Bay and a bushcrafter I made myself.
  17. Jakeboy

    Condor Knife & Tool owners: Give an honest opinion

    I judge Condor blades by their field performance. The ones I have perform way above their price point, and if truth be told, they just perform. Period. Good heat treat on the 1075 steel. Nice edge retention and easy to field refresh without a lot of fanfare. Condor knows their business and...
  18. Jakeboy

    Camillus Ka-Bar

    Love the sheath and the Ka Bar knife is an iconic American classic.