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  1. hunter s thompson

    KME help needed

    This may be some of your problem, Maybe start over and make sure you raise a burr. Have you watched any of the videos on Youtube?
  2. hunter s thompson

    KME help needed

    1500 grit should be plenty sharp. You could try a shallower angle but even a 23 degree blade properly sharpened up to 1500 grit should make hair fly. What kind of knife is it and what steel is it? I am wondering if maybe you are not raising a burr completely before switching grits.
  3. hunter s thompson

    Dang slippies are slippery

    I lost a nice medium sized Douk Douk the other day while shopping for a new chair with the wife.... dang thing must have slipped out of my pocket into one of the several chairs I tried on that day.... I didn't even notice it till I got home.
  4. hunter s thompson


    Thank you kind sirs, I am in. Thank you by the way I forgot to update my user group after my last subscription.
  5. hunter s thompson

    no fingernails...which knives done require fingernails to open them?

    You could always contact user Glenbad, for one of these TL-29 mod with easy open notch and screwdriver blade to wharnie conversion.
  6. hunter s thompson

    no fingernails...which knives done require fingernails to open them?

    Douk Douks are easily pinched open. Most of them don't have a nail nick for that reason, my beloved squirrel has a nail nick but I don't think its deep enough to use as such. The GEC 15 boys single clip bladed Boys knife is also a breeze to pinch open
  7. hunter s thompson

    Earl Sees the World!

    If Earl has any interest I would like to show him around bat country here in Virginia, maybe we could make the short trip to one of NASCAR's favorite playgrounds. Small town South West Virginia/North East Tennessee would do him so good....
  8. hunter s thompson

    To Force a Patina, or Not to...

    When I get a new knife that I want to patina, I just up my fruit intake, peel and slice a few apples or pears, maybe an orange, use real lemons or limes in my drinks. You will be shocked at how fast a new knife will darken up (and how much better you will feel with the fruit intake)
  9. hunter s thompson

    Happy Trails to Flatblackcapo!!! Winners selected! Rsmith_77 and RaptureRaptor!!!

    Very nice Giveaway, not an entry but as others have said I want to play so here goes..... What is your Favorite Western Actor? Clint Eastwood 2b. What is your Favorite Western Movie? The Outlaw Jose Wales 2c. If you lived in your favorite Western Movie, what would your horse's name be? Red...
  10. hunter s thompson

    GAW: 7500 Pennies for your thoughts....

    Left another review for the GEC 48 improved trapper in African Blackwood. Not an entry Mike just a small thank you for running such an outstanding place to purchase knives online.
  11. hunter s thompson

    Help me pick a traditional!

    Going to go outside the box a little here, let me stress that I have huge hands.... size 16 wedding band, this knife fits my hand perfectly is a beautiful knife, I don't think I could ask for anything more from a EDC knife, but it is certainly worth a look, GEC #48 improved trapper (mine is in...
  12. hunter s thompson

    Sheepsfoots and wharncliffes! Oh my!

    Getting some milage out of this picture, New/Old Imperial Barlow rescaled by Glenbad
  13. hunter s thompson

    Knife Cleaning

    Good to know:thumbup:
  14. hunter s thompson

    Knife Cleaning

    I live about an hour and a half from there, I got a bottle as a throw in from a drunken knife ordering binge during the Saturday night Knife show on Direct TV... I think maybe the lady felt sorry for my credit card...... It works good, a little dab goes a long way. I am not sure if it is food...
  15. hunter s thompson

    Knife Cleaning

    Thanks for the warning, I will be more careful doing that from now on....
  16. hunter s thompson

    Knife Cleaning

    You have to "work" the knife to get the soap out of the joint.
  17. hunter s thompson

    Knife Cleaning

    I am a traditional sip joint guy so disassembly is a no go, I have a cheap ultra sonic cleaner that I run my traditionals when I change out EDC's (then lube with Ballistol, (food safe and cheap) for storage). Most times I will clean the knife I am EDCing out under the sink with hot water dry it...
  18. hunter s thompson

    Single Bladed Traditional Folder under $35

    No Douk Douks have a super strong backspring, one of my all time favorite carry knives. A small Douk would fit your criteria and they get stupid sharp very easily.
  19. hunter s thompson

    GAW: 7500 Pennies for your thoughts....

    Just submitted a review for the Izula II. Thanks Mike for the GAW and for running such a great site.
  20. hunter s thompson

    my traditional history

    Welcome to the porch John, be warned though these guys around here are the nicest, kindest most generous enablers to be found on the internet, if you hang around here very long your 6 traditional knives in a lifetime may very well grow to 60 easily.... they will be quality knives and you will...