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    Trevor Burger EXK CFL - Sold

    SOLd Trevor Burger EXK CFL front flipper with milled titanium scales and a frame lock. This has seen some use and has some wear on the scales, clip, and blade. However it still looks good (IMO) and performs great. Nice textured scales and blue clip. Sheepsfoot blade is beautifully shaped...
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    SharpByDesign Void - SOLD

    SOLD SharpByDesign Production Void priced to sell. One ding on the clip otherwise in very good condition. Action is nice and droppy SOLD $200 G&S shipped USPS Priority
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    Shirogorov Neon Zero - Sold

    Some very light carry. Cut a few boxes open. Still has original factory edge. I have an action video available for anyone interested, just PM me your email address
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    Shirogorov Neon Zero - Sold

    SOLD Shirogorov Neon Zero. Very good condition. Action is a wonderful hydraulic close. I am the first owner, got it new from Recon1. SOLD $600 PayPal G&S Shipped and Insured
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    Spyderco Fluted Titanium Native 5

    Spyderco Fluted Titanium Native 5 in very good condition. One minor scratch. Made in the USA. Winner of the American-Made Knife of the Year award at the 2011 Blade Show. Beautiful back lock. $300 PayPal G&S Shipped USPS Insured
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    Shirogorov Neon Retro - Sold

    SOLD For sale my Shirogorov Neon Retro limited edition. Knife is in very good condition and the action is fantastic. Flips open beautifully and has a great hydraulic close (action Video available on request) This model was only sold at the California Custom Knife Show in 2019 and I believe it...
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    Les George VECP Flipper

    Unfortunately it has been sold
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    Shirogorov Neon NL

    SOLD For sale my Shirogorov Neon NL. This is a beautifully dressed down Neon with micarta inlays and no backspacer. I bought this brand new from Recon1 and it has never been carried and never cut anything. Condition is excellent. Please note that the detent is pretty strong. SOLD $500 PayPal...
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    Brown, Olamic, CKF

    For Sale: All prices are PayPal G&S, shipped USPS insures priority. CONUS only 10% discount for buying both Olamic Whippersnapper: Very good condition. Almost like new except the anodization has faded a bit. Original edge. 2.5” wharncliffe blade $600 CKF fif20: Very good condition. Action...
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    Thornburn A6 Middi - Sold

    A2 Knives (Thornburn and Van Heeren) A6 Middi. I am the first owner and the knife is in excellent condition. Flips very easily and smoothly. Blade length is 3.25” liner lock. m390 steel $650 PayPal, Shipped to CONUS No trades, please
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    Cheburkov Mini Russian

    Price Drop: Now $300
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    Cheburkov Mini Russian

    SOLD I bought this new direct from Cheburkov in Russia a few weeks ago. Barely used and in great condition. The action is kinda “sticky”. This combined with the small flipper tab means I get some misfires on deployment. It is a feel thing though. Similarly this knife does not have the drop...
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    HatiOn Zero,Southard Minitolk,MBK EWC,MBK VLD

    I'll take the mini tolk! Sent you a PM
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    Benchmade Mini Grip half serrated

    SOLD This Benchmade mini Griptilian has a half serrated blade. I bought it new 5-10 years ago. It has been used but not heavily. Action and axis lock are still in great shape. Still has the factory edge (never sharpened) 154CM blade steel, Mel Pardue design. No box, just the knife. SOLD $40...