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  1. TXscout

    Skeleton Key *SOLD*

    I’ll take it if deal falls thru...
  2. TXscout

    Another Vise Question-restoration

    I power washed this one, disassembled, and then did electrolytic removal. I recommend it--it worked wonders.
  3. TXscout

    Powerhammer, in process

    Any progress, Sam??
  4. TXscout

    Blackening Stainless (304)

    Patrice--have you looked into something like this?? I have used their kits for carbon steel, with good results. The dips do a better job than the gels do, IMHO.
  5. TXscout

    How to make a KMG better (GIB content also)

    Excellent idea!! how did you come up with the need for that particular "20lb spring", with that specific length to use on the GIB mod?? Thanks
  6. TXscout

    FYI: two finds for NE Texans on Craigslist, and antique shop post vise in Wharton.

    I am not associated, in any way, with either of these CL ads, so buyer beware. There have been multiple posts in shop talk for folks looking for motors and grinders, etc., so I thought I'd pass these along--mods, if this belongs elsewhere, please move at your discretion. 3 Baldor TEFC motors...
  7. TXscout

    Hardest Metal?

    go get a piece of 3/4" flexible pvc pipe...for "sprinkler repair", of course :)
  8. TXscout

    Antique post vise--good find?

    Thanks Brian--that makes sense. I think this one is setup for a wagon tongue, because it looks like it would slide onto something, and is locked into position/retained by a large pin. I'll check the screw and make sure it's in good shape, but it seemed to function well. I hate passing...
  9. TXscout

    Antique post vise--good find?

    I should have taken a pic. I'm not sure it had the base to mount to a stump, so I'm going to go back and look at it again. If that were true, I'm not sure it's such a good deal--I guess you could always fab one.
  10. TXscout

    Antique post vise--good find?

    Just found a sizeable, old post vise (~5" jaws) for $48 in an antique shop. The vise works well, but is there anything I should be looking for, for function, or that would make it a good buy/deal-breaker?? Thanks
  11. TXscout

    How are you making coffee?

    Bustelo instant and Medaglia d'oro instant espresso are pretty tasty, and I prefer them to via. Via packs the best, though, with its individual packets.
  12. TXscout

    Shop Welder Advice

    If you just needed something for setting up damascus billets--to tack weld pieces of steel together/attach rebar on the end, wouldn't a stick welder do just fine?
  13. TXscout

    Dedicated chopper knife for $100 or less... Sugestions?

    Scrapyard has recently put their 711 up for sale-- 7 3/8" of SR-101 for $119+$14.95 shipping. I know it's more than you wanted to spend, but looks like a nice knife. Very similar specs to a SOD and Swamp Works Camp Tramp. The way they build them, it ought to last you a good while as a dedicated...
  14. TXscout

    Microtech L.U.D.T. lower price/trades added

    Price lowered and trades added.
  15. TXscout

    Microtech L.U.D.T. lower price/trades added

    Up for sale is a Microtech L.U.D.T. It is brand new, and has never been used/fielded. I cannot find the original box, as I have stored the knife in a collector's case, since purchase. The knife has a partially serrated blade, black matte finish, and green bolsters. It is the tactical...
  16. TXscout

    Im not a virgin anymore!!!!!! Pics inside...

    William--what did the kiddos say when they saw the pics and your handiwork? It was a blast this weekend--enjoyed meeting you (you too, Darrin)
  17. TXscout

    A thread of first off what you made when you started out!

    My first, a couple of years ago: ETA--my most recent WIP:
  18. TXscout

    My latest creation!

    Congrats to you guys!