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    Wayne Hendrix & Josh Fisher

    ***SOLD***New/unused Wayne Hendrix “Pathfinder “ with ATS-34 steel, black micarta handles over red liners. Tapered tang. Asking $sold shipped in the US OAL: 8” Blade: 3-3/4” New/never used Josh Fisher “Huntsman EDC”, has light scratches in blade from sheath. 8670 steel, maroon linen micarta...
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    Some Sale knives

    I’ll take the 102 and 103 set if still available. let me know thanks
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    Hairy Carry question

    I saw that, then I found another site that had it listed as 1-1/4”. I was hoping for some real info I could trust
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    Hairy Carry question

    How wide is the blade(spine to sharpened edge) on the 3.5” Swamp Rat Hairy Carry’s? Thanks!
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    Bark River

    ***SOLD*** New/unused Bark River Mini Aurora Hunter in black micarta over red liners. Asking $sold shipped in US
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    Gene Ingram Pocket Hunter and Hunter - Both SOLD

    I’ll take the red drop point, PM incoming
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    Bark River

    For sale is a unused custom Nomad Hunter made by Mike Stewart himself with signed sheath and box. Asking $200 shipped in the US
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    Esee xancudo

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    Fiddleback Forge Knives

    What the handle on #3?
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    The Pathfinder Club - Members Only!

    Thanks! I don't know what the Idaho stamp means. I do know I got the knife sometime around 2004-2007 I think
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    The Pathfinder Club - Members Only!

    Can I get in? And may I add I am super bummed I didn't pick up one of the C&C S30V/Red micarta versions!!!
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    Charles May

    Drop to $sold
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    Charles May

    ****SOLD**** Unused Charlie May "Skifa" scandi in black canvas over red liners with Mosaic pins and D2 steel. Asking $sold shipped in US Blade length 3-3/4"
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    Two Bark Rivers

    Gunny sold pending arrival of funds