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    Is the BK5 discontinued?

    wow, yeah... that's pretty damn bad timing there
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    Is the BK5 discontinued?

    Damn, that sucks. I missed out on the 15 and the 24 also...
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    Is the BK5 discontinued?

    I just picked up the Magnum Camp a few days ago and am really digging the feel of it. The balance is damn near spot on. I heard this blade was discontinued. Is that true?
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    Why the Low Prices in the Knifemakers For Sale Forum?

    If the economy isn't doing overly well and very few people have a ton of disposable income available, what do you think the demand is for knives costing $600-1k? I know you guys feel it's perfectly reasonable to ask those prices(and I'm not disagreeing), but in reality it is a lot of money for a...
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    Considerations When Buying a New Flashlight

    I recently made a video and a blog post going over various considerations I look at when buying a new flashlight. The cliff notes version :) : To make the most of your purchase, follow these steps: 1. Decide your budget 2. Determine what battery type you wish to use - Common is easier...
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    Zero Tolerance 566 - hard-use or hard-to-use? UPDATED with PICS and VIIDEO

    CRKs need to be worn for them to operate properly? Guns and cars may have a "break in period" where they start to operate SMOOTHER, but they do function properly "out of the box." If your knives don't function properly out of the box, send them back. They are defective, just like anything else...
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    Kershaw Amplitude

    I can see the resemblance. It kind of looks like the love child between the Leek and the Cryo. It looks pretty uninteresting. I really wish Kershaw would dial things back into the US. It appears they are trying to move all of their operations(minus ZT) overseas.
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    Public knife experiment

    LOL never saw your reply... very true. :)
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    Public knife experiment

    You know... it is truly sad how right this is. I have a few piercings myself, but nothing extreme. I am a fairly rational, objective individual with progressive views and a healthy respect for people, the world around us, the natural order of things. Yet, I cannot count the number of nasty views...
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    Knives you could never part with

    Good thread. Very few knives are irreplaceable. Most of the best knives are simply tools that work well and are easily replaceable with the use of that little thing called 'money'. My first one... eh... maybe. It's an older style german made swiss-army knife(oxymoron?). I'm a knife knut... and...
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    Esee 3

    Thank you. :)
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    Mora Companion in Magenta - Best $15 bushcraft knife?

    Oh trust me, it's been some work getting to this point. :)
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    Mora Companion in Magenta - Best $15 bushcraft knife?

    lol Well, it is the wife's knife. She now has the Pink Spyderco Native and the Pink Mora. :)
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    Ka-Bar Becker BK9 Review...showing a couple knife mods, also.

    I have a new knife review today. This time I am reviewing the Becker BK9 Combat Bowie by Ka-Bar. Thanks for watching all. :) ~Joe
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    Mora Companion in Magenta - Best $15 bushcraft knife?

    Well my wife loves the color, so If I ever want to get her something, I know pink will win her over. :) That and we're kids of the 80s... If you remember, Hot Pink and Black was 'in'. lol :)
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    Esee 3

    Got another knife review. This time it is the ESEE 3 by ESEE Knives.
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    Mora Companion in Magenta - Best $15 bushcraft knife?

    Posted a couple days ago, this is my continued review of Mora knives, the Mora Companion in Sanvik stainless steel.
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    LightMyFire Swedish FireKnife

    I just posted up an initial overview of the Swedish FireKnife. For those not aware, it is a collaboration between LightMyFire and Mora of Sweden, producing a small fixed-bladed knife with a LMF ferro rod seated in the handle. IMO, it's a nice size knife(I prefer knives on the smaller size) that...
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    Testing out an old-school oil lantern.

    They definitely have a very retro and old-time feel to them. :)