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  1. riversidedep

    Culling the flock

    Is it my imagination, or are those birds looking at that knife with some worry?
  2. riversidedep

    Buck Mini-Mentor 475CC SOLD

    I'll take this please.
  3. riversidedep

    Hand forged bottle openers

    If you have any left I will take one please.
  4. riversidedep

    Buck 103 JLLk7

    That was my first thought as well. It looks great!
  5. riversidedep

    san mai, special price first knives

    Love those handles! Actually, I love the blades too! What is the critter on the blade?
  6. riversidedep

    4 for Sale

    I'll take the pry tool please.
  7. riversidedep

    Re-rehandled my 212

    Looks great! I was going to guess walnut as well but I see that has already been confirmed.
  8. riversidedep

    Emergency Survival Hammers, Singles or Lots

    I will take one please.
  9. riversidedep

    10 Years And A Chance To Win

    Congrats on 10 years! Very generous of you. I pick 500.
  10. riversidedep

    Which Classical Bowie Knife can you recommand?

    If by "classical" you mean historically correct, good luck finding anything. Your best bet would be to do some research and then hire a custom maker. When I think "classical" bowie, I think of the Randall Made Knives Thorpe or Smithsonian bowies.
  11. riversidedep


    PM sent.
  12. riversidedep

    Buck belt buckle 75th Anniversary of the 119 limited edition

    I'm unable to send a PM for some reason. Will send payment momentarily.
  13. riversidedep


    If this is still available, I will take it please.
  14. riversidedep

    Gerber Guardian and Mark series knives handle touch-up

    I have a number of Gerber Guardians (all three sizes) and Mark 1s and 2s I would like to display. However, many of them have scratches and chips on their handles and look rather seedy as a result. The ones I want to touch up have black-colored handles. My question is, does anyone have any...
  15. riversidedep

    Photos Knives & Guns

    I was wondering that myself!
  16. riversidedep

    Limited Editions Released 08/20/2020

    I do try to check frequently, That 118 was calling to me though.
  17. riversidedep

    Limited Editions Released 08/20/2020

    Thanks. All gone......Story of my life.
  18. riversidedep

    Limited Editions Released 08/20/2020

    I can't seem to locate these on the Buck website. Where are they listed?