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    Spyderco Paysan - lock slip?

    I bought one from DLT in Apr and another from KnifeCenter in May of this year and the lockup is complete shit on both. Before anyone labels me a hater, I have two Nirvanas, and a bunch of other notable Taichung models released in the past 5 or 6 years. The Paysan is an amazing knife...
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    Norseman, Koenig Arius gen4, Edgar Cole Chimera, Evo Typhoon & Reate Future

    2nd on the Typhoon, if still available. Email sent.
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    Like Knives That Are Discontinued

    I bought the Benchmade 610 Rukus, which I paid too much for, on EBAY after it was discontinued. A little bit later I discovered the a sale on the exchange for set including both 610 and 615 Rukus. It was a very good price for a matching set, but it was my first purchase on the exchange and...
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    With the knife market slowing down what's everyone still hunting for?

    I guess you know the market has really tanked when CKF Decepticon-1 Limited Edition midtechs are wallowing in stock at BHQ. A few years ago, folks were throwing a dozen bald Franklins for sloppy seconds with one of 300 of these in S35vn. Now they retail at 2/3 of the secondary market price in...
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    The Official Lanyard Thread
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    Best middle finger flick knife, just not spyderco;)

    Shirogorov 111 Lionsteel TiSpine Viper Odino Boos TS1 Smoke WE Eschaton Microtech Sigil MK6 Fox Knives Desert Fox
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    Toughness of S35VN and ELMAX

    There is a point where the degree of difference between the numerous factors that contribute to any particular property of a blade is so slight that comparing those properties becomes a philosophical quest rather than a practical one. Steel is no different than any other matter in that the...
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    can you guys help me find this knife? femenine knife

    Strider makes the closest approximations for that style of knife.
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    WE Knives? Another high end Chinese company?

    No self respecting WE knife should have less than 4 variations
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    How overbuilt is too overbuilt?

    I'm glad I'm not alone in my chuckling at the irony of our collective delusion that our $100 - $500, titanium handled "slicers" are the perfect amount of "built". Our grand fathers are rolling over in their graves. Heck, even the guys in the Traditionals forum are probably pissing themselves...
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    How overbuilt is too overbuilt?

    A reasonable definition of "overbuilt" would depend entirely on what type of matter the tool is intended or expected to cut.
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    What is your definition of smooth?

    I think the detent ball and track has a huge impact on smoothness with both bushings and bearings.
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    What is your definition of smooth?

    I don't have one definition. Smooth is subjective, like big, or sharp or expensive or illegal.
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    Knifes for guys with small hands?

    You know what creep me out too.
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    Knifes for guys with small hands?

    Knife guys with small hands creep me out.
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    WE Knives? Another high end Chinese company?

    WHOA!! It kinda feels like Zipp Tolerance just got McFly'd.
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    Stuck Shirogorov Screw

    I've never done this but if I was desperate, I would try it. First try strong adhesive tape, the strongest you can find like duct tape or even something like 3M Extreme Mounting tape (holds up to 20Lbs). Tape over the pivot that you want to hold still. Apply pressure to the pivot over the tape...
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    Amazon Question

    When it says, manufactured, sold and shipped by Amazon, we're all in trouble.
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    Bring Back The Slysz Bowie?

    My brain is the philosophical equivalent of a bitcoin node in that I retain a fraction of personal insight from processing others' philosophical dilemmas. In other words, I have no actual knowledge of the industry but I have earned two cents from thinking about it. We know that Spyderco relies...