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  1. JGguns

    Medford On Belay

    Up for sale or trade is my Medford on belay. This knife is an absolute beast, and the action is butter. However I’m on the hunt for a Strider SnG or SMF mainly. Sale price is $425 trade value higher. excellent condition, the cardboard box is not the original to this knife, everything else is...
  2. JGguns

    WTT Strider Ar .75

    Looking to trade my strider ar .75 for either an sng or smf. The action is butter. It’s in excellent shape as the pics shows. There is a few small marks. But only reason I am trading is I just won’t bring my self to carry it. The ano is ridiculous on it. I’ll also consider Medford 187dp plus...
  3. JGguns


    Incredible deal, I’m glad you did it. I had my post typed up an deleted it lol
  4. JGguns

    Review Delete

    sorry buddy I delete
  5. JGguns

    Review Delete

  6. JGguns

    Microtech Dupe

  7. JGguns

    Medford 187 RMP

    Per our pm’s I’ll take it.
  8. JGguns

    Medfords For Sale (Potential Trade)

    Do you have multiple der hunds or will there be more posted?
  9. JGguns

    Monkey Edge Strider .75 AR

    Any interest in a microtech ultratech. It’s a spear point an a limited edition. It is engraved “live 2020” on it. I’d add cash with the microtech.
  10. JGguns

    (sold) 3/4 Loveless style Drop Point in Silver and Black.

    That is a stunning knife, excellent work.
  11. JGguns

    Presentation Boxes

    I’ll offer a different take to this. Storing a knife in a leather sheath isn’t always the best idea. And a lot of people who buy knives are collectors. Sure maybe they use them but a lot of times they have so many that it doesn’t get into use often. If the fit an finish an design is dialed in...
  12. JGguns

    Forging press is alive, test video

    Man that’s just incredible, to manufacture your own tools is a great thing. Well done!
  13. JGguns

    San Mai Camper

    What a value! Great work Mr Drew
  14. JGguns

    Prayers Good Vibes

    Bending a knee on there behalf!
  15. JGguns

    2018 Great Smoky Mountain Hammer-In

    Ah man this is great!! Only an hour an 17 minutes to Clyde from my place!! Really hoping to make it!!
  16. JGguns

    And the most stressful part of knifemaking is.....

    Grinding, without a doubt. Once the grinding is done the rest is cake. That being said all I have made thus far is stock removal full tang knives, havent stepped into the harder stuff yet.
  17. JGguns

    Just what are those speed skating blades made from?

    No he is a hockey player, sorry idk why I assumed we were talking about hockey skates hahaha. It will be some times before I can get to it, but I’ll definitely post once I get the blade in the mail.
  18. JGguns

    Just what are those speed skating blades made from?

    This is a interesting and timely thread. I have a friend who is a professional player, he is gonna hang it up after this year(ready to be at home an spend time with his family), and he asked if I thought I could build a knife for him out of one of his blades.