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  1. tedinatl

    Carbide file guide advice

    Another vote for Bruce's file guides. They are worth their weight in platinum...
  2. tedinatl

    Peening and Soldering guards?

    I always pin and solder. Solder alone wouldn't hold up very well, IMHO.
  3. tedinatl

    Random thoughts from GVI....

    I'm not old either, and agree - I don't really like lotteries. Much prefer to build a relationship with the maker and buy when it's my turn. Thanks for the detailed write, up, STeven! Much appreciated!
  4. tedinatl

    New motor for a grinder

    Hehehe - good luck getting that thing wired up, Nick!
  5. tedinatl

    cpm154 grinding tips

    Need more details - annealed, or not? Is there still some mill scale on it, or is it clean? What problems are you having - the more specific you can get, the more people on here might be able to help. I work with it a lot, and haven't had any issues working with it.
  6. tedinatl

    Wish me luck...

    That's a fantastic deal, Salem! Congrats! And I'm glad it's running well too. ... I'm only "slightly" jealous, BTW.
  7. tedinatl

    My most complex knife to date

    That's a really good looking knife, Jason! Love the details. How did you brown the hardware?
  8. tedinatl

    Laminated Hunter

    That's a beauty, Mike!
  9. tedinatl

    Hitachi Shiro-gami and Ao-gami Steels

    What is with all these necro-posts nowadays????
  10. tedinatl

    Wish me luck...

    Pictures, or it doesn't exist... J/K - Good luck Salem! Hope it turns out well!
  11. tedinatl

    Question About Handling Dry Ice

    ^^^ I was told the same, and have been meaning to ask Stacy (or someone else). My (long forgotten) theory of metallurgy agrees with Stacy's statement above, though. I usually just leave it in there overnight (I mainly only work on knives at night), but it would be good to know for future reference.
  12. tedinatl

    Question About Handling Dry Ice

    I typically try to keep it to at least 1 1/2" sphere-ish chunks, but really haven't seen much difference if I go a bit smaller or bigger. As long as it all doesn't melt (or rather evaporate) by the time the knife needs to come out of the bath, it should be ok. No real precautions are required...
  13. tedinatl

    Raptor XL by Sam Lurquin

    That looks awesome! What steel did he use?
  14. tedinatl

    Some hard use knives

    Those are bad @$$, Ben! Love them all, but I really like the look of the TeroTuff on that first one. Looks like great stuff that I'll have to try sometime.
  15. tedinatl

    what do you carry?

    I EDC one of my own folders - I have two that I rotate between - a small slippie, and a much larger liner lock.
  16. tedinatl

    Fighter w/ Ivory

    That is a stunner, Gary! Excellent work as always! I love the lines and flow of the knife, and that steel is something else!
  17. tedinatl

    Taurus 12 with TSK.

    Another great knife, Erik! I like it a lot.
  18. tedinatl

    Hand Forged hunter w/ BEAUTIFUL amboyna burl

    I really like that a LOT, John! Excellent execution, and your attention to detail is astounding! I love that the more I look at the knife, the more details I see...
  19. tedinatl

    Keeweenaw Kaiken

    That looks awesome, Scott! Can't wait to see the final result!