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    Wire pocket clip for Lionsteel Kur

    The KUR Wood and the KUR are two very similar but different knives. The KUR came with a clip. The KUR Wood has a removable flipper tab and was originally released without a clip. Lionsteel changed that after some annoying customers (I was one of them) asked for a clip. Lionsteel's support should...
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    Tell me about the ROK

    I own a Ti Rock and a Ti Thrill. Both are great knives. I picked the thrill over the traditional Lionsteel slipjoints because of the clip and because the spring is part of the rest of the knife. Sounds like a novelty and I agree that it kinda is one but I just love the smooth feeling when...
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    Is lionsteel’s m390 still considered soft?

    To answer the question in the topic: It shouldn't. The whole "Lionsteel's M390 is too soft" debate started with a youtube video from Luvthemknives. LTK stated that a Collector's knives sheep foot made by Lionsteel only had a 51 HRC hardness despite being advertised as 58-60 HRC. In the end it...
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    One-handed opening: does it matter?

    I come from Germany and to sum up our knife laws you have basically three options here: 1) Two hand opening knives are fine. 2) Fixed blade shorter than 12cm are fine. 3) One hand opening knives are also legal to carry but only as long as they don't lock. However, this exception isn't common...
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    The fall of Emerson Knives

    I always wonderee why they changed the non locking liner to steel and not the locking liner. IMHO that could have been viewed as an improvement. Regarding Emerson fans: I am still relatively new to the knife enthusiast scene (I started visiting forums in 2016) but my perception is that 99% of...
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    The fall of Emerson Knives

    I have owned some Emerson knives. I cannot really carry them here for legal reasons but IMHO they are better than their reputation. I never had any real QC issues and I'd actually prefer the CQC-7s I owned that were made by Emerson over those made by Benchmade. But the problem with Emerson is...
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    Knife Oil On Teflon Washers?

    I think every knife oil should work. Teflon isn't picky and won't get damaged by any knife oils.
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    M390 Steel – History and Properties (and 20CV and 204P)

    Great article. Very interesting to read, learned quite a bit especially about the history of the M390 "clones". I also am a bit proud that you linked to my BF post as a reference. ;)
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    Knife Oil On Teflon Washers?

    It can help. Most of my knives have Teflon washers and I use Böker Knife Oil on most of them. IMHO it definitely improves the smoothness of the action but in my experience knives with Teflon washers will never have an action as smooth as knives with bronze washers or bearings.
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    Right now, how many knives can you touch?

    Since I am sitting at my writing desk at home right now and currently am in the process of rearranging my knives I could touch pretty much all of my knives but the Vic Nailclip on my nightstand, the Masamoto Petty in the kitchen, my "unboxing" knife that stays in my computer office, my Böker...
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    Chinese Wonder Knives?

    Kizer, WE and Reate produce high end knives. MAXACE is also good. Realsteel, QSP and Civivi (WE knives' budget brand) are also excellent for the money. My personal problem is that IMHO all these companies have a portfolio that is too big and too generic. I like some of their knives but for me...
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    Skyline Discontinued

    I like the Skyline a lot. IMHO it is an "honest" knife design and a well made American knife at it's price point. It's a shame that it is discontinued. It was THE Kershaw knife for me.
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    Axis Lock Knives

    The Italian manufacturer is Lionsteel and their lock called the tactical operation lock or TOL might look like an axis lock but is quite different technically: It doesn't lock the blade like the Benchmade Axis lock and all similar locks. The TOL is a slipjoint where the spring is locked. You...
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    Was M390 used in knives later than 20CV?

    You might be right, but I think that one of those guys ("bert", Norbert Leitner from already had some experience with M390. However, I looked a bit further and found out that Dietmar Kressler (a well known German knife maker during that time) built a M390 knife in 1999. Proof...
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    Was M390 used in knives later than 20CV?

    If custom knives count: I found out that M390 was discussed by German knife makers as early as 2001. I found a thread that old on - a German knife forum that was pretty popular in the 2000s. Link:
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    TRC knives?

    TRC knives are IMHO the finest fixed blades out there. Their service/support is also very good.
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    Lionsteel--are they all this good?!

    If you refer to the whole LTK video incident then I have to tell you that the whole thing has been resolved IMHO. LTK deleted the video. The Lionsteel Collector's Knives Sheepfoot (stated hardness 58-60hrc IIRC) that LTK had tested at 51 hrc was tested as 59.1 hrc after that. In his follow up...
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    Anyone fan of Extrema ratio knives?

    A BF2CDs? If so than it's funny that you post under Mikel_24 who is complaining about the bad usable blade to knife ratio. :D I somehow really like the BF2CDs. They have been out of production since years and have become pretty rare. What's cool about them though is that they have this tiny but...
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    Anyone fan of Extrema ratio knives?

    I had about 20 Extrema Ratios in my life so far. Am I a fan? Sure. They are one of my favorite brands. Do I like everything they make? No. Do I understand why people don't like them at all? Yes. Extrema Ratio IMHO is very unique. Their handle design has become a signature feature only...