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  1. Bill DeShivs

    Repairing a Frank B stiletto

    Good job. Let me know if I can help.
  2. Bill DeShivs

    White Mother of Pearl
  3. Bill DeShivs

    Using Foredom for carbidizing?

    The Dremel engraver is not a rotary tool. It vibrates back and forth.
  4. Bill DeShivs

    Evenheat not getting hot

    You mean, you're Evenheat is not even hot.
  5. Bill DeShivs

    Ridiculous squeaking in pivot: how do I remedy this?

    A 13 year old thread reopened for pork lard!
  6. Bill DeShivs

    Recommendation? How should I fix a tang that's too thin?

    If you do a threaded pommel and slip-over guard, it should be fine.
  7. Bill DeShivs

    WW2 vintage Kukri knife w/patina, rust. Clean it or not?

    Filipinos didn't make khukris. Use 0000 steel wool, or brass wool, and gently scrub the blade longitudinally. Then soak the blade in WD 40. Wait a few days and wipe it off. Repeat as necessary.
  8. Bill DeShivs

    Epoxy user issues

    No. Once the bond is overheated, it's ruined.
  9. Bill DeShivs

    Epoxy user issues

    It's a good practice on fixed blades that use carbon steel. I see no reason to glue scales to liners-especially if the liners won't rust. Nothing compensates for ill-fitting components.
  10. Bill DeShivs

    "Yet Another" Designer Thread

    Most designers who work for major knife companies are knife makers. Why would you think otherwise?
  11. Bill DeShivs

    Epoxy user issues

    Why not just pin the handles to the liners? Then you won't need to epoxy them.
  12. Bill DeShivs

    "Yet Another" Designer Thread

    There is a nice guy on the forums and FB who"designs" knives much as you wish to do. His designs are for automatics. While they look good, those of us who actually make the knives saw much that simply would not work. When we told him, he really got offended. 3D printing the fixed blades is a...
  13. Bill DeShivs

    Recommendation? Looking for belt sander or grinder, not sure which

    If my Grizzly died today, I would order another one tomorrow. I also have a Pheer and a Hardcore grinder.
  14. Bill DeShivs

    Making diamond spray into paste

    You're not understanding that the emulsion may sink into a substrate, but the diamonds don't. They sit on the surface until something forces them into the substrate.
  15. Bill DeShivs

    Making diamond spray into paste

    Wood, MDF, or even cast iron.
  16. Bill DeShivs

    Making diamond spray into paste

    The diamonds don't soak into the strop. They stay on the surface until you use it. Then, some of them embed themselves into the strop surface.
  17. Bill DeShivs

    Scratches on Case Blade

    ALL of the plating would have to be removed to make the knife look even close to right. This would involve complete dis/re assembly of the knife. Leave it alone.
  18. Bill DeShivs

    Dead Grizzly

    Hoss- Yes. Every time I plug it in, it runs. Every time I unplug it, it stops.
  19. Bill DeShivs

    Dead Grizzly

    Straight wired it. Will order a new switch tomorrow.