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  1. Sithus1966

    FRN clip repair?

    When I sent my Merlin back to them years ago they just ground off the FRN nub and screwed a metal clip onto it. When my red Endura broke it's clip I just did it myself.
  2. Sithus1966

    Buck "Survival" Knife?

    I don't like hollow handles.....
  3. Sithus1966

    Buyer Beware!! Fake Domino on the Bay

    Reported all of his clone listings as listing violation.
  4. Sithus1966

    Hello Family bllades, can you guys help me identify this tactical Buck knife.

    I have one. Always liked it better than the hollow handle version, just because it didn't have a hollow handle and short tang.
  5. Sithus1966

    Para 2 Problems any advise?

    It's made that way with the pivot bushing on purpose now.
  6. Sithus1966

    Spyderco Phoenix

    You have to be careful, there is a fake model out there. The giveaway is how the handles are attached. Usually found on Ebay of course.
  7. Sithus1966


    If I have a broken tip Spyder I usually go the other way with the tip. Or:
  8. Sithus1966


    Mine has not left my pocket since I got it in September 2012.
  9. Sithus1966

    What was your first Spyderco?

    Yes, and red wasn't just for trainers.
  10. Sithus1966

    What was your first Spyderco?

    This one.
  11. Sithus1966

    Endeavor or Sentry WITHOUT serrations?

    I'm just guessing here, but could these models be geared more toward military people? The black blades and camo handles, seems to me to be that way anyway. If I was in the military and carried one, a short section of serrations wouldn't be unwelcomed I would think.
  12. Sithus1966

    Buck problems in the General forum

    I am wondering if Buck started laser cutting their blades rather than punching them out if that would help the situation
  13. Sithus1966

    Para-military 1?

    Found mine on ebay
  14. Sithus1966

    Anyone else picking up the SuperLeaf?

    Ordered another today from Sierra Trading, 35% off and .99 cent shipping.
  15. Sithus1966

    The best fake by far

    The real Spin has the words stamped into the steel, not etched. The other clue are the clip screws. On the real spin they are real close together, on the fake they have a bigger gap.
  16. Sithus1966

    What Spydie do you have on the way???

    Zulu, one more discontinued checked off the list.
  17. Sithus1966

    Spyderco techno locking fail??????????

    Everyone that has watched the video should have given it a thumbs down.
  18. Sithus1966

    Now I get it

    Won't be your last.
  19. Sithus1966

    Best Spyderco for Rescuing Dolphins?

    I wonder if they have a Whale Rescue blade? Should get one and the new handle for it if they don't already. At least they used the right blade maker for the job.