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    Fallkniven F1 3G deformation problem

    +1. I'd definitely let Fallkniven know, send them the pictures, and ask for their thoughts on it.
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    Adjustable cord for neckers?
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    ESEE 4 vs. Bravo 1

    I'm one of those people who found the thumb ramp on the Bravo 1 to be very uncomfortable. So, personally, I'd choose the ESEE 4. (But my go-to knife in that approximate size is the Fallkniven F1 in 3G.)
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    I'm not sure if there's a "right answer" for this, but the most spectacular abalone (aka Paua) I've seen over the years has been on Case knives.
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    Difference between several ontario knifes...

    Crazyotter, I think that's actually a good question - I just don't see any apparent reason for a $50.00 price difference between those knives.
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    Using expensive knives

    I have quite a few knives that I don't use. Just about all of them are slipjoints, and most are new or nearly so. Perhaps I'll sell them at some point, or gift them, or pass them on to the next generation. I have a variety of slipjoints for use and carry. Enough to keep me happy. So I...
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    How Often Do You Oil The Joints?

    hmmm, here I am posting right after Tony Bose recommended once a week. :)
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    Your choice of traditional folder for woods

    Since you already have a good fixed blade, I'm not sure why you'd need a full size trapper or similar. Especially a large one like the GEC Pioneer #23 (for example). Although it is a very nice knife. :) Instead, I'd definitely consider a SAK. Maybe a Farmer or Pioneer in Alox, a One...
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    5-7inch fixed

    +1 on the Becker BK7. Seems like it's just what you're looking for.
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    Fallkniven VG-10 vs. CS San Mai VG-1

    Go for the Fallkniven. I have a couple of F1's in VG-10, and I had (and sold) a CS Master Hunter in VG-1 San Mai. The CS is a very good knife, but the F1 is better IMO.
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    Got my Canal Street Half Moon Trapper

    I think the half moon trapper is one of the nicest single blade slippies around. Great choice, enjoy. :thumbup:
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    best production edge retention

    For me, at the top of the list are ZDP-189, and the above mentioned CPM M4. I've also been very impressed with the Fallkniven 3G (SGPS/VG-2 laminate).
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    Was told that Victorinox suspended domestic distribution

    One workaround that's apparently OK, at least with some manufacturers, is when the seller provides its own discount coupon for the item.
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    most reliable fixed blade for 50?

    Of those two, I'd choose the Ka Bar Black Fighter. I like the 1095 steel much more than the 440A in the Next Generation. And other than that, the two knives are pretty similar.
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    quality of browning and boker magnum knives

    The quality of the Boker Magnum knives is decent at best. All are made in mainland China. I'd look at the next series up, the Boker Plus series. Many - but not all - of the Boker Plus series knives are also made in mainland China, but the quality is better than the Magnum Series and the...
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    Question on Where to Find Customs

    50 - 80 dollars for a custom really don't see them priced like that too often. But it does happen occasionally, especially with smaller knives, neckers and the like. One good place to look is right here on Bladeforums in the Knifemakers for Sale area.
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    most reliable fixed blade for 50?

    The best deal I've seen very recently in a quality fixed blade knife is the Benchmade Rant Drop Point for less than $40.00(!) It's the version that was recently discontinued. 440C stainless, USA made. Really nice knife and great value at that price. :thumbup...
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    stainless better than S30V?

    Fallkniven 3G has nothing to do with VG-10. It's SGPS (Super G1) clad in VG-2. I agree with you, though, that it's one of the best laminate blade steels available today.
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    stainless better than S30V?

    Like many of us I've tried plenty of the steels mentioned in this thread. And still the best in my book is BG-42.
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    stainless better than S30V?

    That's German C75, which is the direct equivalent of 1075. Very nice & underrated knife. :thumbup: Mine was ridiculously sharp right out of the box. VG-10 can take that kind of edge, as noted in a post above. It is 154CM.