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  1. OwenM

    Your camping gear setup

    Opposite of the big camping tents, but the only "camping" I do is while backpacking. They don't have much room, particularly with a mesh inner for when the bugs are out, but I've been using a pair of 'mids. They're strictly for sleeping in, so the lack of space rarely bothers me. I'm still...
  2. OwenM

    Backpackers! What knives are you carrying?

    Haven't posted here in a long time, but just finished up a week in Colorado's Weminuche Wilderness. Just like pretty much every other backpacking trip I've taken the last 8 years, I carried a Spyderco Delica and Victorinox Classic. Only exceptions have been short trips in cold weather, where I...
  3. OwenM

    The NEW Post Your Campsite/gear/knife/hiking/anything Outdoorsy Pic Thread!

    Yep, those are gorgeous! Here's a few from my stomping grounds ;) Hiking x3, mountain biking x8 for October. Weather is sucking, lots of rain(would be riding 3x/week, otherwise).
  4. OwenM

    The NEW Post Your Campsite/gear/knife/hiking/anything Outdoorsy Pic Thread!

    Sorry I didn't bring any storms your way. Sounded like you could have used them down there. They got the Tenaya fire under control when the rains came as soon as I hit the backcountry. I want to do that Rae Lakes Loop sometime, but am not really not sure when I'll be back in CA. Got my...
  5. OwenM

    Critique my preparedness

    You fool! It's a shame you survived and are telling about it, because now someone else might think they can go outside and just walk around, too! :mad: Kidding...I don't believe in going overboard for a short dayhike, especially when you're just going to be a few miles from your house, but...
  6. OwenM

    The NEW Post Your Campsite/gear/knife/hiking/anything Outdoorsy Pic Thread!

    Thanks! The jacket is a Backcountry Hadron. Not on par with some of the more expensive brands for construction quality, but 8.0oz total in size large with 2.0oz of 850 fill. The quilt is a Katabatic Palisade(6' Wide, HyperDry 850).
  7. OwenM

    The NEW Post Your Campsite/gear/knife/hiking/anything Outdoorsy Pic Thread!

    Carpe mensis! Seized the month in September. Mountain biking x7, kayaking x1, plus 2 weeks of vacation and 12 days of hiking/backpacking in CA. Life is full of tough decisions!
  8. OwenM

    Waterproofing tent - seams only or all surfaces?

    Depends on the tent, but a quality one should just need seam sealing when new. After a lot of use, UV exposure, etc. you may want to hit it with silicone spray. I did this for the heck of it while resealing the top seam on my Tarptent Notch after several years of use, though the material itself...
  9. OwenM

    Overnight in Kisatchie National Forest

    :thumbup: Made a trip down there to overnight the Wild Azalea Trail with a friend from NOLA this spring. Really enjoyed camping at Valentine Lake(beautiful spot!) the night we arrived, and "discovering" Camp Claiborne when staging vehicles, since I was a paratrooper.
  10. OwenM

    Exhaustion / overexertion and nausea

    It's appalling how much bad info is out there. Efficiency and availability. We're all different, yes, but our bodies function in the same manner. You may just be getting too full, and taking in too many carbs at one time. I used the term "timing" before. Timing your carbohydrate intake so...
  11. OwenM

    Exhaustion / overexertion and nausea

    There's no debate, and it's not one vs the other. Nothing new about any of this stuff, or any mystery involved. More a matter of type and timing, based on what you want to accomplish. I'm not motivated enough to plan it out all the time(it's not like I'm a competitive athlete), or even a...
  12. OwenM

    Exhaustion / overexertion and nausea

    Happens to me a lot while mountain biking, since I've been turning short rides into a HIIT workout by staying in the same gear the whole way through(and a higher gear every week) in an attempt to boost my fitness on the bike. Over the summer I've gone from ~1.5hr to <40min on my local trail, so...
  13. OwenM

    Zion park flooding

    If it helps understanding what and how this happened, Keyhole is a short, narrow canyoneering route, not a "hike". It's an easy beginner route as far as technical canyons go(people take their kids <10yrs old through it). Generally very low risk with just a couple of short rappels and downclimbs...
  14. OwenM

    Again, death due to creek swell.

    Develop a little patience. I risked my life in a creek crossing in CO last fall, and made a few others I was pretty unhappy about, but I thought I could do it, and I did. The weather was the result of a hurricane sitting off the west coast, and didn't hit until the end of the 4th day...
  15. OwenM

    Cold weather gear

    Googe ECWCS Level II Here's an example:
  16. OwenM

    Cold weather gear

    Not to me. The hoody on sale(mine was $106, and that's a "good" price) is the only way I'd buy R1 under the Patagonia brand when you can get the surplus R1 zip neck for $30, bottoms for even less, and the Cabelas stuff for way less than the Patagonia sale price. Nothing else has the zipper and...
  17. OwenM

    Cold weather gear

    The Cabelas stuff is a little different weight-wise from Patagonia's, but I'd have to look up the numbers, and the patterns are different. I'd put them both between Capilene4 and R1, but I don't have any Cap4. Because of the price they can be had on sale, I decided to try them as a Cap4...
  18. OwenM

    Outdoor Tales & Poetry

    Not a poem, but sometimes I compile quotes: "As you sit on the hillside, or lie prone under the trees of the forest, or sprawl wet-legged by a mountain stream, the great door, that does not look like a door, opens(Stephen Graham)...because Nature is man's teacher. She unfolds her treasures to...
  19. OwenM

    testing new kit in the Pintler Wilderness

    Looks like a twin to my UGQ 50F, but mine is 13.3oz with 5.8oz of 850. Dang it... Good stuff. Wish I could get away with a tarp around there this time of year-the heat, humidity, and bugs have had me mountain biking 3x/week instead of hiking, lately. I don't know what people's problem is...
  20. OwenM

    The NEW Post Your Campsite/gear/knife/hiking/anything Outdoorsy Pic Thread!

    Thanks for whetting my appetite! No SEKI 'til next year, but 3 weeks from right now I'll be camped near Vogelsang, looping around from Toulumne and ending up at Wawona with a friend who now lives there. She said it's supposed to be 6 days for ~65 miles total, so I guess we'll be killing time and...