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    Question about batoning a Spyderco Police 4 Lightweight or VG-10 in general.

    If this were the only knife on you during a trip outdoors, it would be safer to make a wedge with the knife. Start to baton the wood with the knife and then use the wedge to do the hard work. This way you can have a really light knife and still get the wood processed. VG 10 is not too brittle to...
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    Is my AD 10 fake? Help please.

    Sorry for late reply but yes, mine looks just like yours.
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    Is my AD 10 fake? Help please.

    Sharpen it on natural stone, not diamond. S35vn will give you different feedback than the inexpensive Chinese steels fakers use. The River will still take it back if you are not happy with your purchase. I paid $110 for a genuine one from them if that matters.
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    Recommendation? Blade Play Brand New 4 max Scout

    4max scout. I corrected that. Thank you.
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    Recommendation? Blade Play Brand New 4 max Scout

    I just purchased the 4max scout last week. Mine drops free and no blade play. Mine has two dings in the edge from hitting the back spring or something metal in the handle. The dings are in the belly of the blade. Not the best QC on this one either.
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    Fake Tantos!

    That is a great looking knife. Looks genuine to me.
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    What's your favorite locking mechanism and why?

    I have had no issues with the Triad lock. It works for me and has never needed maintenance or had a broken part in my uses. Just a standard (and occasional) rinse in warm soapy water and a drop of oil in the friction points, is all I do. They don't even get the water and oil unless they worked...
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    Recommendation? Fixed blade for hiking and exploring.

    When I feel like exploring the outdoors, I'm thinking small machete and SAK. Not everyone is into machetes, so in comes Cold Steel. How about a Rajah 2 or Extra Large Voyager? If you want to up the coolness factor and price, the Extra Large Espada. That knife can chop, slice, and poke with the...
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    Convince me that Becker isn't crap

    I have used Becker knives and they have never let me down. That said, I did not always have the best sharpening technique. What you really need is a quick fix. So we determined it is a genuine Becker. Next we try using a worksharp which will put a good edge on it fast. Big knives can wear one...
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    My wife is hilarious.

    Ive been married so long, I can't remember not being married. My wife never asks how much I spend on a knife. She does enjoy moving them around on me so I think I'm going senile. I do the same with her hair care products but she doesn't find that as funny.
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    Theyre Faking The AD10 Now

    The same places are also selling fake voyagers that are almost impossible to distinguish from the genuine ones. Be careful because voyagers have been scarce lately.
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    I hate being OCD about my knife edge.

    You are not alone. I use a long snap on screwdriver as a steel. A couple of swipes realigns my very thin edges. There are also little dmt pocket stones, that work very fast. A steel like VG10, usually comes back to very keen with a few passes on a loaded strop. This is why my high vanadium...
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    Chinese Water Stone

    I haven't used any personally but there are some youtubers that review sharpening stuff. Try "cheapest stone on Amazon" from outdoors55? They are usually not flat, inconsistent or unknown grits. Sorry I don't have 1st hand experience to share. Good luck on your quest.
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    Awesome 3D knife sharpener system

    Thank you for your efforts.
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    Best 440C and 9CR18MoV Edge -- Toothy or No?

    Hello, how much did that sharpening system cost? It is currently available? Traditional knives seem to be left out in guided systems. That one looks like it actually works.
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    Do you ever feel that some struggle to find fault with certain knives?

    Another yes. A few people have. I buy whatever appeals to me personally. I don't go out of my way to show it off to someone who doesn't care, which is probably 99% of the global population. If it weren't for you guys, I probably would never discuss knives at all.
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    Compression Lock Patent Expires this Month

    That is great news. I look forward to new knife designs using Spyderco's compression lock. Companies can offer the public new shapes, handle material combinations, and maybe even lower prices. We should do a contest to see who can name which company will be first to do it.
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    The Cold Steel Voyager in AUS10 steel is THE BEST knife you can buy for the money...

    Thats the video that inspired my purchase. That thumbnail just looked too good to ignore. Now I feel like a cat who heard the can opener. They got me. Edit. Still love my knife.