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    SpydieChef Question :)

    Hinderers are great knives and will last well. I use the heck out of my Spydiechef though. It‘s not going to stand up to prying like a Hinderer might but that’s because it was designed to slice. Hinderer’s don’t slice like a spydiechef. It’s design choice. Use a Spydiechef correctly (don’t abuse...
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    SpydieChef Question :)

    My spydiechef has been in my pocket daily for the past year. It’s my favorite knife and I can’t tell that the lockup has changed at all. Maybe if I EDC it for another 10 or 20 years it will wear out. In reality I will probably either lose it or switch to a newer design before I wear it out...
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    Big belly folder?

    Spyderco Spydiechef is a great knife with lots of belly. Currently my edc and favorite knife. 3.5” blade.
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    Spyderco Top 3 favs

    Spydiechef Gayle Bradley 2 Delica
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    Leatherman Wave+'s & Leatherman Free P2's

    I’m not sure where this stands (whether you were selling individually). If not, I will take them all for $250. That’s what you meant right?
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    Pacific Salt 2 Green LC200N

    I like the color. The Pacific is bigger than I prefer but when they bring out the smaller ones I will likely end up with one.
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    What do you think is the best knife that Spyderco has released in the last five years?

    Spydiechef for me. I do love the GB2 but the chef is so nice...
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    Review Check the bearings on your ZT

    I agree. My spydiechef is extremely smooth on pb washers and needs no maintenance. My only ZT is an 0450 and the action was great but it started getting some grittiness. Those bearings look like the OP. If ZT would do ceramic bearings or (even better) pb washers I would be much more interested...
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    Not enough love for the Gayle Bradley 2

    Many people, myself included ground the raised liner in front of the lock to allow easier access. It doesn’t take much to make a big difference. I was surprised how easy it was. The liner is way softer than the blade so it grinds quick.
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    PREDOMINANTLY One knife 30 day challenge?

    I’m gonna do this with my spydiechef. It’s nicely suited to this use because it’s rust proof and much of my use is food prep. The only thing that might make me cheat is if I need to cut something abusive in remodeling a house. I used a Gayle Bradley 2 almost exclusively for over a year before...
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    Work knives / Beater knives

    My hard use folder is a Spyderco GB2. To REALLY beat on a knife I use a Becker BK14 or a mora. If I am cutting shingles or something that will destroy an edge then I have a couple razor knives.
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    Favorite Spyderco knives

    I love my GB2. It’s been my EDC for the last year+. But, I got a Spydiechef recently and I think it will be my new EDC. Very smooth, very slicey, fairly light, comfortable and rustproof. The GB2 will be used for more heavy duty cutting but it looks like I have a new EDC.
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    No love for the Endela?

    I’m really hoping for an lc200n salt model. I’d probably buy the salt 2 size but the Endela is the size I really want. The Spydie Chef is another contender but that’s above my price range for water carry where it’s more likely to be lost.
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    Gayle Bradley

    I’m excited for the new one. The GB2 is a fantastic knife that is one of my favorites. It’s slightly bigger than I prefer and I did modify the steel liner to allow easier lock release. Absolutely wonderful knife though.
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    Handle - Endura vs Delica vs Endela

    I’m excited about the Endela. If they make it in salt format with LC200N I will definitely buy one.
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    Recommendation? New Member, "EDC" recommendation

    You have tons of good options with your budget. Make sure you include money for sharpening supplies. A Spyderco sharpmaker and a $150 knife would be great.
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    Salt 2 or Native Salt?

    I voted for native but what i’d really prefer would be a salt2 in lc200n PE. The native is a little pricey for me to carry in the ocean and fishing where it could easily be lost.
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    DIY Custom BK-15 scales - copper and wood

    That looks fantastic. Just my opinion but I think it would look better if you stripped the coating off the blade. The scales look great either way though.
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    How often do you see 'higher end' knives out in public (other than in your own pocket)?

    Only at work. There is one guy here who is knife nut. (Mostly Spyderco, several Buck, Kershaw, ZT, and one microtech). He has gotten a few coworkers to get 1-2 spyderco's. Another guy is friends with a custom maker and has sold a bunch of custom fixed blades at the plant. I've never seen...
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    Knives for running?

    Spyderco salt 1 or pacific salt would be my choice. Either will clip comfortably into the waistband of your shorts. I've worn both for running, snorkeling, boogie boarding, etc.