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  1. Rugger

    Looking for Mark Williams

    Thank You Numbers- Was hoping to get in touch with him. Best Regards.
  2. Rugger

    Looking for Mark Williams

    Great to see you Mongo! I need to get back over here and hang out again- Hope all is well with you & yours- Cheers!
  3. Rugger

    Looking for Mark Williams

    Howdy- Been away from the forums for a while. Was looking at a couple of things that Mark Williams made for me a million years ago and wanted to say hello & that I was appreciating his work. Looks like he hasn't been active for a while. Hope he's doing well.
  4. Rugger

    Have you ever experienced a "knife incident" at your place of work?

    Was working for an advertising agency in NYC circa 2000 and I used my Spyderco to help open a couple of things around the office (FedEx box, box of mints with a tough plastic cover, etc.) and was called into the VP's office for "flourishing a weapon". I calmly explained how I helped a few people...
  5. Rugger

    Brooklyn NY Empire Knife Club meeting Wed 6/14

    I used to attend those meetings when I was living in Queens (96-01). Hope everyone is fine.
  6. Rugger

    Craft Beer Snobs Unite!

    I work in a brewery and have worked in the "industry" for a long time. I worked as a bartender in Germany, and have written articles on beer, etc.. I'm surrounded by the stuff. Sometimes it gets to be a drag (boo hoo- poor me... :P) But then I get my wits about me...
  7. Rugger

    Pocket Frogs ( Sold Out )

    Missed out. Planning on making any more?
  8. Rugger

    SAL A question on the new Street Beat light weight

    Cheers Sal, very much appreciate the progress report.:thumbup:
  9. Rugger

    SAL A question on the new Street Beat light weight

    Do any dealers have these in-house yet? I've seen the pre-sales & was wondering about the ETA. Thanks!
  10. Rugger

    JG Ranger, Cucchiara Dorado and Flashbang, BM 746BK, Kershaw Cryo FREE SHIPPING

    I'll take the Benchmade. Please let me know how to send Paypal. Email sent. Thanks!
  11. Rugger

    First Day of the Year 2015 With My Spyderco Roadie

    Norfolk has changed a good bit for the better. Were you here w/ the Navy? "Shit City" (as I've heard it called) is better now.
  12. Rugger

    First Day of the Year 2015 With My Spyderco Roadie

    Norfolk is a good knife town Alnamvet68. Come see me at and we can talk knives & beer. Cheers. :D
  13. Rugger

    Asking for some smoke and prayers...

    Continued healing energies inbound!
  14. Rugger

    Benchmade Emerson

    On the "short list" for years :)
  15. Rugger

    Benchmade Emerson

    Wish I knew what happened to my 7. Still bugs me years later...
  16. Rugger

    Watches: Citizen Eco-Drive BM8180-03E vs. Seiko 5 SNK809 (or other recommendation)

    I have an Eco Drive Citizen that is very close to the model shown. I've been wearing it essentially 24/7- including to the beach for years. Very rugged & keeps great time.
  17. Rugger

    Used Emersons?

    Bought a well-cared-for "user" '99 Commander in 2000. Carry the hell out of it. Like having a truck w/ a couple of scratches on it already- won't be so tender about using it as intended.
  18. Rugger

    Spyderco Rubicon Goodness

    Think I'll wait & pick up a "previously owned" example at or around the $200 mark if/when they become available. That's about my ceiling for a production knife.
  19. Rugger

    Emerson EDC, What's Yours?

    I have a much-loved & well-worn 1999 Commander that gets lots of pocket time.
  20. Rugger

    Commander or Super Commander for EDC

    Check your local laws concerning blade length. A 4" blade is right on the line in many places.