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  1. TLARbb

    SMALLS (Traditionals only)

    My favorite small pattern may be the Case Swayback jack. There is nothing I don't like about the pattern and the single blade version (Gent) is great as well. I sold all of my Jacks, but still have a PW red Gent. Then again maybe not; I still wind up with my Avatar Knife in my pocket (Case...
  2. TLARbb

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    I have one of those! Sweet little pocket pal.
  3. TLARbb

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    It's been a while, but I'm carrying my favorite pocket knife ever - my "precious" amber bone Case mini copperhead. Y'all have seen it before but it's the bottom knife in this pic... Ed J
  4. TLARbb

    Vintage made in Japan slipjoints?

    Another pic of some pearl Silver Knights.
  5. TLARbb

    Vintage made in Japan slipjoints?

    Gerber Silver Knight Series made in Seki are wonderful slim gentleman's knives. All of these are the 250 A series lockbacks. They also made two blade models and a 3 blade with Pen and sheepsfoot secondaries. I'll post some additional pics if I can find them...
  6. TLARbb

    How small can you go ? ( a fun experiment)

    I've carried some small knives. Some even smaller than a peanut, but my avatar knife is my most consistently carried pocket knife. Amber bone mini copperhead by Case. Ed J
  7. TLARbb

    What "Traditional Knife" are ya totin' today?

    VERY nice. I think I need one of those! Ed J
  8. TLARbb

    Son of Cuz bringing back Fight'N Rooster pocketknives

    Welcome!! I have a few modern knives, but I prefer Traditionals. See my avatar - a Case amber bone mini-copperhead.
  9. TLARbb

    GEC 82 vs 92

    I agree. It's really counter intuitive that the handle shape feels as comfortable as it does. Mine is Smooth Ivory Bone and I like it a lot. Ed J
  10. TLARbb

    Show Us Your Gunstock Traditionals

    Beautiful knives folks. I don't believe I even own one...
  11. TLARbb

    GEC size up from #18 Beagle?

    I'd like a bit bigger wharny about the same physical size as the Case SBG.
  12. TLARbb

    Traditional Dress carry

    It the mini copperhead pattern. Same pattern as my Avatar, but different covers and shield. Ed J
  13. TLARbb

    2019 Christmas Eve Gift Giveaway...

    Ah! You pulled it before it was ripe! Hope you enjoy it. I got my first Texas Jack, this same species, Amber bone, CV not long after I joined BF. A bit of advise (as if you probably already know ) - stay out of that "What traditional knife are you totin' " thread. It can be dangerous to...
  14. TLARbb

    2019 Christmas Eve Gift Giveaway...

    Just a note to GasMan1 regarding packaging... It's only adequate for normal shipping. It's not as robust as previous ones because I did not have enough material for my "standard packaging". Consequently floating it down the creek, running it over with the van, and the like is not recommended...
  15. TLARbb

    Case swayback jack vs. gent

    I have a PW red bone Gent that has become my favorite carry of the two patterns. At times the extra thickness of the jack is a benefit depending on the job at hand. I usually carry a single bade or single spring knife, however.
  16. TLARbb

    Traditional Dress carry

    This is my "dress knife". Sometimes I like to carry a pearl Silver Knight, tho. Ed J
  17. TLARbb


    Great thread r8shell! When I was growing up there was only one "version" of Spam. Now there are an almost bewildering variety. Great looking knife and looks like it does a great job on Spam. Ed J
  18. TLARbb

    Got an early Christmas gift

    I've got one of those smooth bone chestnut copperlocks. I like it quite a lot.