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  1. jux t

    Can anyone identify this movie?

    At last, some closure! Would you recommend it?
  2. jux t

    Custom Code 4

    Code 4 means “No further assistance needed”.
  3. jux t

    Andrew Demko still with CS?

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve not watched the video. That’s pretty scummy to purposely lie about what steel is used. If only there were a way to find out which companies have used that tactic.
  4. jux t

    What's your Cold Steel EDC today?

    The XL Voyager I like for the same reasons. What did you think was low quality about the Frenzy? I’ve been close to buying one.
  5. jux t

    Quickest new fake to market

    Just to be clear, there are no fake mini recon 1’s as of now. They are counterfeit recon 1 clip points. I did see the fake on eBay that the OP was referencing at the time they posted, but it was a fake full size listed as a recon 1 mini.
  6. jux t

    Cold Steel Outdoorsman Lite discontinued

    Depends. The more inexpensive ones can have serious “cosmetic” issues. I bought two bushman 2nds, and both have bent blades and one has a problem where the retention piece pops out when drawing the knife (it’s a two piece sheath). I contacted the old cold steel regarding this and they said that...
  7. jux t

    Every time I want to pull the trigger on buying the CS Wild West Bowie, I change my mind...

    While I generally agree, I used to have the Western W49 it was modeled after, and used it hard for brush clearing and small tree chopping. Performed admirably and the guard remained tight. I’d buy one of these Wild West Bowies if it weren’t for reports of loose guards.
  8. jux t

    Blurry engraving

    I’ve had three CQC-8 models that had a similar issue. One that I wanted to keep at the time, I sent to Emerson and they replaced it with a new one. I read years ago that they acknowledged that it was an issue and offered to remedy ones with the issue. However, I’m pretty sure a member here...
  9. jux t

    Quickest new fake to market

    I primarily collect these Recon 1s, so I have developed an eye for the minute details. These are very difficult to tell apart from the genuine ones. If the picture is good enough, I can tell that the blade coating has more of a flat paint look than the genuine DLC coating. The biggest “tell”...
  10. jux t

    Quickest new fake to market

    There are counterfeit Recon 1’s all over eBay now, etched CTS XHP (collectible now), and people are paying high dollar for these fakes. One recently sold for $172.50. Yikes! They are pretty convincing in photos, but I can tell it’s fake based on blade finish and the way the edge looks. Of...
  11. jux t

    New Espada XL S35VN I received has the New Cold Steel Logo

    That can be frustrating. I’ve noticed that on some triad knives I’ve had, and the offender was the blade stop pin having room to move side to side. Often, there is grease in there to stop it from moving when shaken. Grease can be added to keep it from rattling. Of course, if this happens when...
  12. jux t

    What's up next, on your Cold Steel 'Want List'?

    Definitely the mini recon 1 tanto, as soon as it releases. I really like the clip and spear point minis so far. Also looking forward to trying a drop point voyager.
  13. jux t

    Love my new range boss (black)

    If the range boss kept the same dimensions as the broken skull it was modeled after, then yes it is significantly thinner behind the edge than the air lite.
  14. jux t

    Mini Recon 1 Review

    Always play hard ball. Jk they were approved as soon as the offer hit so they had it set to accept that.
  15. jux t

    Mini Recon 1 Review

    Best I can say due to rules here is: “or Best Offer”. $52 is the lowest number they took, twice.
  16. jux t

    Mini Recon 1 Review

    I was hoping you’d have a review, ha. I like mine so far, and think they’re an outstanding value. Been carrying mine when I wear basketball shorts and a full size recon 1 is too heavy. They’re not quite as high quality as the XHP versions were, more like a cross between a voyager and the older...
  17. jux t

    My long awaited mini recon 1 came today.

    Anyone else buy one of these and not receive a left side pocket clip? I’ve bought two (new) so far, and neither one has the lefty clip.
  18. jux t

    Cold Steel Voyager Kris - strange crack in blade

    Post this in the cold steel subsection, along with pictures, and maybe we can help.
  19. jux t

    Your least favorite Cold Steel knife

    I did not like my ODA with the rubber guards. I don’t like being able to flex a guard with finger pressure, just felt cheap. A thick kraton guard like the master hunter is fine. 2nd least favorite that I can think of was the aus-8 master hunter, because it was so thick behind the edge. The...