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  1. jaz322

    Fiddleback Flea Market

  2. jaz322

    The Flea Market Mung Absolution Thread

    Wow @Joe Duder - seeing you post in here brings back some great memories. Hope you find what you’re looking for!
  3. jaz322

    The Flea Market Mung Absolution Thread

    @Christoffer Braathen - listing fixed. I got lazy, my bad. And @Hulk2e can you see the pic now? Crazy that I could see it but others couldn’t. Thanks for keeping me honest guys!
  4. jaz322

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    Here is one available for $275 includes USPS shipping. Dyed Palm Bushcrafter in 5/32 SFT A2 w/ black liners and blue pinstripes. Lightly used once at a camping trip mostly for show. No sheath, however, I have an optional brand new Diomedes Industries sheath to throw in for an extra $25...
  5. jaz322

    The Flea Market Mung Absolution Thread

    Your first Fiddleback? And a runt? I feel it necessary to show you some choices. :)
  6. jaz322

    Fiddleback Forge W2 Hamon

    It’s a keeper!
  7. jaz322

    Fiddleback on Tap Saturdays

    Happy Saturday!
  8. jaz322

    Important Info! Fiddleback Friday 4/16/21 (Early Preview)

    Only one knife left for sale.....outstanding! Gotta be quick on Friday.
  9. jaz322

    New Blogger for Fiddleback

    Well written. Looking forward to future articles. Thanks for sharing!
  10. jaz322

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    First PK I’ve owned and decided it isn’t going to replace the runt in my pocket. Didn’t even wipe this one down. Same shape it was in when I opened it recently. $260 plus shipping. —SOLD— to @geowolves
  11. jaz322

    Fiddleback Flea Market

    I’ll take the sneaky pete with mosaic pins.
  12. jaz322

    'Lucky Green' Fiddlebacks! (started on st. patrick's day)

    This morning my kid gave me this necktie to decided to make some green tea and sport some green fiddleback pinstripes. Happy St Patrick’s Day, folks!
  13. jaz322

    Fiddleback Forge Changes April 2021

    Oh boy - Andy is going to have some time to get creative. Are you fellow collectors ready for that? I’m optimistic! @Fiddleback Outpost, (another brilliant team that has adapted to change in the past) you guys have been rock stars and will continue have my support. Hoping Phillip doesn’t...
  14. jaz322

    Bushcrafter pics

    Agreed - nicest osage I have ever seen. Nice ones. :thumbsup:
  15. jaz322

    Fiddleback inventory

    Wow - 20 active yrs on BladeForums - there should be an anniversary prize for that. Much respect, and welcome! If you haven’t seen already, you will find that Andy Roy and his crew are a class act....and there are some top notch sheath makers around here as well. There is a sticky thread at...
  16. jaz322

    Pairing GB chat....

    THANK YOU for adding the cpm154 @VANCE - I am now IN FOR THE WIN!! Do you still have that high-figure BAB?
  17. jaz322

    Pairing GB chat....

    Was hoping to see a stainless option with upcharge for easier care/maintenance in our kitchen and to match my previous gb purchase (blj). 1/16 in 8670 is a nice option though. Great of you guys to do this!