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  1. mckrob


    Are you able to confirm that you’ve shipped the Myto to any of your dealers in Canada? There is at least one dealer in Canada showing the Myto on their website, but when I inquired if it was really in stock and ready to ship, they didn’t respond, which leads me to believe it’s not. A real ETA...
  2. mckrob


    Have you shipped these to any of your Canadian dealers yet??
  3. mckrob


    Have any of your Canadian dealers taken delivery of any of these yet?
  4. mckrob

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    x1, 3V, unbuffed natural micarta :) paid
  5. mckrob

    Finally made it

  6. mckrob

    Pm2 blurple s110v SOLD

    I’ll take it. Sending email momentarily.