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  1. folder geek

    Everybody say hi to my mom!

    Hi Nates Mom:) Your son does great things and you should be proud of him! Welcome to his forum:thumbsup: Cheers
  2. folder geek

    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

    I was wondering why they lasted a minuteo_O Figured there was some kinna shenanigins goin on:D
  3. folder geek

    SOLD, 20 Boot Daggers

    Wow I can't believe these lasted a full minute. Congrats to everybody that scored! I know it sounds weird but kinda glad I forget about this (at least for financial reasons). Cheers
  4. folder geek

    Modded Emerson Super Commander

    PM sent:thumbsup: Cheers
  5. folder geek


    Great intro Lorien, subscribed!
  6. folder geek

    Hand forged bottle openers

    Funds sent! Cheers
  7. folder geek

    Blade Show west in California

    I'd do Long Beach. Family close by, Jet Blue to LGB. Only thing better would be SLC which is super close and probably a better fit. Long live CMFTW!!
  8. folder geek

    Show Off Your Knife Collection!

    If you ever want to get rid of that Lone Wolf Defender with the Cocobolo I'm your guy. Wish I'd never sold mine and they are hard to find. Great collection BTW! You got some great classics in there. Cheers
  9. folder geek

    Leatherman Wave+'s & P2's (LIKE NEW!)

    Id take a P2 if you have any left. Cheers
  10. folder geek

    May you all confess your worst knife abuse

    My worst abuse is not carrying some of my knives and not using them for what they were intended. Other then that maybe stripping wires or cutting zip ties is about as crazy as I get. I also believe in right tool for the right job and always carry a pry bar. Cheers
  11. folder geek

    Need help. Is it real

    Not a expert on Emerson's by any stretch but have been around a while. Shooting from the hip/best guess is you'd be lucky to get $150 from anybody that knew anything about Emerson's. If anything somebody might buy as a beater or to practice modding. As stated above hopefully you have provided...
  12. folder geek

    Ever get people on the street that flip because you have a knife?

    Let me tell you a story about a banana:D Thankfully I don't have a story about somebody not understanding a knife is a tool. Where I live seems like everybody carries a knife or a firearm. One of my better stories though was positive. Sitting down at a gathering to eat some food. Pulled out my...
  13. folder geek

    2 Crk's for sale

    Email sent:thumbsup:
  14. folder geek

    Moderna Covid Vaccine

    Fair response and some valid points regarding what I said. I'll try and respond in order of what you questioned. 1) You are correct I should not have omitted the question mark and the way I posted my comment was an accusation (not intentionally, apologies). What I should have said was--seems...
  15. folder geek

    Moderna Covid Vaccine

    ER RN myself. Got the Phizer and I pheel phine:D In all seriousness I got vaccinated(x2) with Phizer, and no reaction at all other then a sore arm. In my unscientific observations it seems that there have been more severe reactions to the Moderna after the second dose. Of course I know people...
  16. folder geek

    Smoke needed for many people - Please post needs here

    Careful about that Covid. I noticed in my ER around day 5-7 after diagnosis is when a lot of people start getting really sick. Glad your wife is doing better. Surprised they didn't send her home with a halter monitor if they were concerned about arrhythmia. Smoke and prayers!
  17. folder geek

    Lone Wolf Knives Blast from the Past...

    I had a full size Harsey and Defender at one time and sold them both:eek: Would like to find a Defender again but seems bout impossible:( My friend used to be a Lone Wolf dealer pre BM days and man he had some good stuff:thumbsup:
  18. folder geek

    Your pocket organizer EDC setup

    Sorry I've got this all screwed up. Was trying to post on my phone but no bueno!
  19. folder geek

    Your pocket organizer EDC setup

  20. folder geek

    CLOSED, Pre-order, Kephart

    In for D3V x1 just not sure on the scales. Cheers emailed paid