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  1. blame it on god

    Am I Crazy?

    Maybe try a domino or dice.
  2. blame it on god

    The Travelling Delica Vol. 2

    It's a nice gesture. I wish you luck and hope your knife returns to you someday.
  3. blame it on god

    Spyderco bow river

    I use mine as a boning knife in the kitchen. I don't find it too slick even with my hands covered in blood and stuff. My shuns are slicker.
  4. blame it on god

    I dropped my CPM-4V Manix tip down on cement!!

    My satin finish yojimbo 2 BHQ exclusive jumped out of my hand after it bit me. Thank goodness it's M4. Brand new to boot. Sharpened away no problem. Long story short M4 is tough as nails.
  5. blame it on god

    Honoring the late Butch Vallotton

    R.I.P. Getting old is the goal, But it sucks because all the people you look up to pass on.....
  6. blame it on god

    SpyderFly broken

    McMaster carr might have what you need. Maybe not exactly but we'll within the possibilities of use. If you can get your hands on a caliper to measure the holes i can probably help you.
  7. blame it on god

    Who else bought a glow in the dark Delica

    @Kreyzhorse Me too, My hobby room takes hours to get dark. LOL.
  8. blame it on god

    Para 3 LW wire clip on a Manix 2 LW, does it work?

    Looking at the 2 next to each other. It looks like the para 3lw will work, but won't line up perfectly with the "middle" of the Manix2 as it is shorter.
  9. blame it on god

    Who else bought a glow in the dark Delica

    Happy to see it come around again. I was bummed out to miss the first group.
  10. blame it on god

    Burnt Orange

  11. blame it on god

    How about GB 2 sprints?

    GB1 in REX-121. Perfect combo.
  12. blame it on god

    New love for Taichung Spydercos. Which model next?

    I only bought the Advocate after it was discontinued. Didn't think it was worth the money at cost new from authorized dealer. Having said that, If i I lost mine (CQI version). I'd pay the $240(ish) to replace it.
  13. blame it on god

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Bifurcation tool for today.
  14. blame it on god

    Which Spyderco are you carrying today?

    Matter separators for the week.
  15. blame it on god

    What about Knives and Flashlights?

    PJ Sebenza and Emisar D4V2 (fire starter)
  16. blame it on god

    Is The Knockoff Status/Fake Knives Still As Bad As Ever?

    I would hope so. I have never had an issue when buying from authorized dealers.
  17. blame it on god

    Spyderco 2020 Lists: Delivered & Upcoming

    I'm gutted. Gone by the time I read the email.