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  1. samuraistuart

    Time between quench and temper

    Your blades should be fine.
  2. samuraistuart

    AEB-L rusting

    While the Nuclayer no scale might be rated for 2000°F, I don't think Daniel (I think that's the maker's name) meant for it to be used on stainless, just carbon steel. I'll put it to you this way, when I started HTing stainless, I used ATP-641 anti scale/decarb compound that is rated for...
  3. samuraistuart

    New tester inbound

    After hearing about this, and the Greg Cimms filet knife issue with UPS, I will NEVER do business with them as long as I live, or as long as they stay in business. Which doesn't sound like a long time from now if UPS keeps this crap up. Sorry to hear about this and I hope you can get this...
  4. samuraistuart

    Based on Randall design

    WOW. That is an amazing level of polish on such a high vanadium content steel. The whole package is top notch. Superb level of work, you should be very proud!
  5. samuraistuart

    Non traditional Ulu knife

    Buddy of mine asked me to make an Alaskan ulu for his girlfriend, more of a non traditional shape with an extended point. I've made a few "round knives" for leather work before, but this is my first ulu! 1/16" 1095 63HRC with purple heart wood for the handle. Thanks for looking!
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    A "Motley Crue" of knives

    Thanks Anaries. I'll get it shipped early next week.
  7. samuraistuart

    A "Motley Crue" of knives

    Snowwolf, thanks for the compliment. Knife # 2 definitely has some flex to it. Not like a filet knife, but definitely some flex to the blade with pressure applied. Wayone, knife # 3 is yours if you want it! Anaries, knife #5 is your if you want it!
  8. samuraistuart

    A "Motley Crue" of knives

    Paring knife number 6 is sold to Lifelong learner. Thank you!
  9. samuraistuart

    A "Motley Crue" of knives

    I hope everyone had a good week. We finally received a bit of much needed rain here in San Antonio and a little more is expected, and always welcome. I have a new knife to post and a few others to repost with price drops. Due to the rules of the forum, and the higher traffic of the Fixed...
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    409 stone and steel

    I tried it. Saw no difference whatsoever. I'm not sure why it would be any different to begin with.
  11. samuraistuart

    Scissor and shear sharpening? Help needed

    You may have better luck posting this in the "Maintenance, Tinkering, Embellishment subforum. There are a lot of knowledgeable sharpeners that frequent that place.
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    Decent Diamond Stones?

    The only complaint I ever had with the DMT DiaSharps (I don't care for the DuoSharp...the one with the holes), is that the 1200 mesh felt like it had coarse abrasive mixed in. Apparently this was (still is??) an issue with that particular mesh. I bought a brand new 1200 plate, had that same...
  13. samuraistuart

    Decent Diamond Stones?

    I have the Atoma set and the DMT DiaSharp set. I don't think you can go wrong with those, or the EZ Lap diamond plates as well. The cheaper diamond stones like Smith's don't seem to last nearly as long, and it feels like they don't have the quantity (and quality) of diamonds either.
  14. samuraistuart

    My Very First Heat Treat

    And just to clarify some terminology (you keep bringing up "normalizing"). That is different from "thermal cycling", the process in which grain is refined. Normalizing is a high heat process that is done, particularly after forging, to even out overall grain structure. Usually this is about...
  15. samuraistuart

    My Very First Heat Treat

    Yep, that grain is massive. Like Deadboxhero mentioned it should look like a gray velvet with no discernible structure to the eye. Not sure why you took 1095 to 1800F unless you were going to forge it. Let's just call that a really solid normalizing heat! LOL! You won't need to anneal the...
  16. samuraistuart

    80CRV2 hardening fail

    Natlek was joking when he mentioned hardening your 80CrV2 to 2000°F, but there was a certain lot of W2 from NJSB that stock removal makers couldn't get to harden, but the forging guys had no problems. Stock removal guys figured out that after a normalizing heat of 1900°F (plus), and the...
  17. samuraistuart

    Recommendation? Hand Sanding Sandpaper

    There are some good choices out there, but Indasa Ryhowet is what I, and a LOT of other makers, use. Norton Black Ice is another one that has a good reputation.
  18. samuraistuart

    Z wear Hunter and AEBL EDC/Paring knife

    Thanks Lynn. A little bit harder to finish than CPM154 but not bad. It takes a good hand rubbed finish.
  19. samuraistuart

    Now 4 Knives! with price drop on a few

    A few kitchen knives to offer this week! The first knife is the longest knife I have made to date, and is what I would call a brisket slicer. Made for all around slicing! The edge geometry is amazing, as it is basically a microbevel on a zero ground full flat grind! The steel is thin stock...
  20. samuraistuart

    Z wear Hunter and AEBL EDC/Paring knife

    This week I have a couple of knives to offer (and a couple in the kitchen knife section as well!). This first knife is your basic fixed blade hunter in Z Wear steel. Z Wear is an excellent particle metallurgy steel that has the same toughness as 3V but with considerable more wear resistance...