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  1. Armadew

    Your recent opinion on Nick Shabazz ?

    Isn't a hawkbill a recurve?
  2. Armadew

    MXG Gear Clips Sold Out?

    Mine came in today. :)
  3. Armadew

    What are you seasoned guys carrying?

    I always was, and probably always will be all over the place in my knife tastes. I suppose as a young man I was obsessed with switchblades and balisongs. Later I got into more tactical self defense knives. After training a lot with bladed weapons I came to the realization that SD knives...
  4. Armadew

    MXG Gear Clips Sold Out?

    I'd say it's abnormal for them. At least in my experience. Seems they're quite busy at the moment, though. Wouldn't panic.
  5. Armadew

    MXG Gear Clips Sold Out?

    A few hours after typing that, got a shipping notification. :)
  6. Armadew

    MXG Gear Clips Sold Out?

    I ordered a clip on the 13th. No shipping confirmation yet.
  7. Armadew

    RIP Charlie Mike

  8. Armadew

    Matthew Freeman- CMFTW Passed Away

    I can't believe it. FTW.
  9. Armadew

    How popular is Al Mar nowdays?

    I love my Sere 2000. Probably in my top 5 knives I own.
  10. Armadew

    I wish there is a mid-sebenza

    I want a bigger Sebenza. :D
  11. Armadew

    Victorinox blade steels?

    The compact has been around for a while. One of my favorites. Even has a nail-file.