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  1. lilknifekid

    Ontario Rat 7 (that I bought) vs ESEE 6 (that I wanted)

    I would have to look up Ontarios warranty, but I doubt it can match ESEE's. They have a no questions asked replacement policy. I seriously doubt the Ontario can match the 6. If I were you I would sell the 7 and get an ESEE. They are an all around better company. EDIT: Ontarios website is under...
  2. lilknifekid

    Hey, Knife Manufacturers.....

    I think hes owns a store and hes saying he can't get items in stock to meet demand...
  3. lilknifekid

    Open carry and the first amendment

    It sounds like a ridiculous violation of the open carry law.
  4. lilknifekid

    Not sure if I want to collect any more...

    Find a very special hard to get knife (a grail) and hunt it down. Or maybe you already have? I would say that would be a very special and fulfilling challenge to keep you occupied.
  5. lilknifekid

    Old sayings

    I was looking at the EDC thread and thought: "Don't look at pictures of knives you can't afford to buy."
  6. lilknifekid

    Any ideas for a good tackl box knife

    A Salt series of Spyderco would be good since its rust free.
  7. lilknifekid

    EDC II Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    That is awesome! Did you make the pocket clip yourself?
  8. lilknifekid

    Pakistan Damascus, You Guys Are Wrong!

    So your saying that since an expensive knife cant hold up to being hit with a sledgehammer in a vice then you might as well just buy any knife? That logic is completely flawed. An appropriate test would be repeated cutting of rope to test the edge retention.
  9. lilknifekid

    Proven Military knives

    In my mind, I would want a ESEE 3 and a light multitool. But I've never served so maybe I'm off. If I was clearing houses, I think I would want a tomahawk as backup and know how to use it. I kind of got the idea because I know Edwood carries one and I have seen an interview with him on another...
  10. lilknifekid

    Esee knife blanks?

    Yes but that is not blade only. ;)
  11. lilknifekid

    CRAP!..... I had to USE my brand new knife!!

    I always just put a big huge chip in the blade first thing so after that I'm not scared to use it. (I kid, I kid)
  12. lilknifekid

    Help! My knife ate my pants!

    Its weird, but I've never had this problem.
  13. lilknifekid

    Esee knife blanks?

    They dont.
  14. lilknifekid

    Favorite Quotes from non-knife people.

    I wouldn't want to risk it coming open in my sleep and cutting me. That would be a hospital trip.
  15. lilknifekid

    Grail just arrived

    Why? Were you worried what that blade might do to that broccoli? :D Congrats on the grail.
  16. lilknifekid

    89 Bucks for a Zulu?

    Well if you like the Zulu get it, if not pick something else. :D 89 sounds reasonable to me.
  17. lilknifekid

    Pics of customized production knives

    Does anodizing the lock side of a framelock affect the strength of the lock bar or the hardness of the lock face?
  18. lilknifekid

    EDC II Which knife or knives are you carrying today?

    estate4life- The scales look great! Would you be interested in parting with the camo scales that you took off? I can give you my email if you like.
  19. lilknifekid

    *SpyderNation - Open talk and hangout corner *

    How much do you guys think a very lightly carried and barely used Orange CTS-XHP PM2 would be worth?