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    Flipper - ease of presentation?

    Yeah, all knives require some readjustment of you hand. With some fidgeting you get used to the knife and it becomes automatic. It kind of sounds like you're trying to trim milliseconds off your deployment, which is just worrying about it too much.
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    Uneven Grind on New QuietCarry Knife

    Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. You can even that out as you sharpen.
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    Sencut Citius

    Dude. I just got one too. I'm very impressed as well. I can't believe the price point and quality we are getting these days.
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    When did Koenig get so expensive?

    The plain jane price has slowly crept up from 550 to 650ish. Now most of what I'm seeing are the special runs with carbon fiber and milling which get into the 1100 range. The secondary market is right at or a bit above new. It's a hot ticket right now. But not as hot as Holts. We're in a...
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    Rit Dye Brown G10 Advice Needed Here's my navy Southard. I sanded down the edges especially around the spydiehole cutout. I think it looks and feels better. I also gave it a detent ramp, which I've started doing on a few knives.
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    Rit Dye Brown G10 Advice Needed

    I did my brown Spyderco Southard with the navy blue and it turned out really nice. Go for it.
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    Nick Shabazz goes over the 100k YouTube subscriber mark

    I think Nick is great. We have similar tastes, and similar use cases. It's good to hear his impressions on knives. And he's hilarious.
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    What opening way is the most fun way to play with?Why?

    I like a nice flipper that has a hole to flick. FF Archbishop, Dao, Ace Biblio, Busker. It's just fun to have a couple openings in one knife.
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    Frame Lock Flippers Issues

    I've never had a problem. I've never had to flick my wrist either. Lately, after years of flipping, I can notice a little bit of difference if I have some pressure on the lockbar. I assume it's just an everybody is different kind of thing. I have noticed that every knife has it's own flavor of...
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    Name some QUALITY titanium flipper knives <$500

    My current favorites: Mini Tolk - a little delicate feeling, but omg fantastic flipper, best ever Ferrum Forge Archbishop 2.0 - flips like butter, falls shut with a light shake, feels solid and built like a tank Ferrum Forge Exec - flips smooth, light shake to shut, long and slicey Real Steel...
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    Opinions on the KOENIG Arius?

    I think it's kind of bulky too. Fit, finish, and action are great, just wow. It's a big knife, a little too big for a pocket knife. Or at least what I need. It does feel great in the hand. It's asking to do big knife things like a pick up truck, but it's fine like a Rolls Royce. And I just...
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    Anyone else hate G10?

    I'm with you. I'm not a fan of anything plastic on knives. I know there's nothing functionally wrong with it. Just a personal preference. I'm titanium all the way.
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    Too good deal for 11/21

    EMS, confirmed on Korba. :)
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    Lucky .... found another.... Eze -Lap Diamond "M"...

    Hey, I have one of those, passed down from Grandpa. It is a good little field sharpener.
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    Satisfying Thwack

    Ferrum Forge Archbishop 2.0, big, heavy, solid, Thwack. But not so big that it's bulky. Blade has a nice swing to it, both ways. Cruz, that one thwacked hard too. Solid. Love this thread.
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    Your favorite small folder design by Jesper Voxnaes

    Ti Biblio. It's a nice smaller knife. Great ergos. Snappy for all opening techniques. (Although I did lighten the detent to get there.) Just a great all around edc.
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    Ruike p801

    Yes! It's a great slice affordable knife. Action is good. Very useful and practical. I end up packing on vacations when I dont want to take my more expensive blades. Its works good in the kitchen or as an edc.
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    Koenig Arius v. Ferrum Forge Archbishop 2.0

    I'm very curious too. I have the Archbishop 2.0 and I'm loving it. Action is great. I love the style. Very functional. Feels great in the hand. Locks solid. I want to try an Arius to compare, but then again feel like the Archbishop feels great and can fill that niche just fine. Maybe I dont...
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    Production M390 - Expectation vs Reality?

    Very interesting thread here. Anyone know about WE's HT? I'm seeing them put out a lot of M390 knives, and making them for others. I saw one data point for a 60-62 somewhere, which gives me hope. Also, what about this higher end producers? I see someone asked about Hinderer. What about...