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    Orange Positron

    I just ordered the CF version. I love a nice chunk of carbon fiber. The orange looks nice and I wish I could get both, but I also got the Domino at that super low price.
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    Received my Manix 2 LW - I'm Impressed

    My thoughts exactly.
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    Received my Manix 2 LW - I'm Impressed

    I am actually disappointed. it feels cheap in the hand, the blade action is not smooth and of course the blade is off center. I love the ergos and the blue color I chose, but fit and finish and overall feel is cheap for this price. I should have gone with the delica or go with another brand...
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    52100 Para2

    I just ordered too for some reason.
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    Para 3 Cruwear Sprint

    Pics or it never happened.
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    Para 3 Cruwear Sprint

    Your Welcome. Now they are sold out! Go Vols!
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    Para 3 Cruwear Sprint

    In stock at DLT. $125.00
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    1st Friday Production Updates

    I second that emotion! I hope we see what the sheath design will be soon.
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    What Survive Knives Are You Waiting For?

    Waiting on the following: GSO 12 SK 12 Finally received my two 2.7 preorders from July 2016.
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    GSO 2.7 From July Pre-sale

    Still waiting. I thought they would ship out this month! Starting to lose hope.
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    OT: Survivor Sidekicks (photos)

    Apollo Loves any Temperature below 70 degrees. That is why he is smiling so big. This last week was perfect for me at 65 degrees and sunny. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    New GSO 2.7 Thread

    Still waiting on my July 2016 Presale for two 2.7 knives. My orders are in the 96xx range.
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    Which model do you want the most?

    No doubt it would be the 12.
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    how many buy other knifes while waiting

    Gotta Love the Spyderco Military. It feels so good in the hand and it is big. I love the big folders. I always buy the basic run of the mill versions for economic reasons. But, I am always so intrigued by the sprint runs. My favorite Spyderco is the ol' Paramilitary 2. I also love my...
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    how many buy other knifes while waiting

    I have been working on my folder collection, while waiting on my two 2.7 and a big 12 Survive! They have mainly been Benchmade knives that are being discontinued and discounted right now. I now have a few Spyderco, Zero Tolerance and Benchmade. Great for playing with while watching football.
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    Concerns About Survive! Business and Misleading Lead Time Estimates

    I have not posted in any of the Survive! threads due to all the negativity. I have missed seeing great input about a knife company I Love. Got tired of being called a Fan Boy if I said anything positive. I figured if you even come to any Survive threads you are a Fan of the knife, otherwise...
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    New GSO 2.7 Thread

    Some people have said on here that they don't think the 2.7 is a real working knife. I disagree, it has been an excellent working knife and has handled harder tasks than I would ask of a good folder. I would say it is a little less useful than the 3.5, but the small size is cute and sexy and...
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    New GSO 2.7 Thread

    The 2.7 ergonomics are fantastic. Nice fat grip and textured G10. I have no complaints. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    New GSO 2.7 Thread

    Sweet mail call yesterday. SURVIVE! & BATTLE HORSE KNIVES. These should keep me busy. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk