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    Gift from sister Kanchhi

    That Chef's Knife looks to be based on the one I had made a while back, but with a few differences
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    Send Smoke and prayers for Don and family

    Smoke up for Don and his family
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    New model no name Knife

    Steely that's spot on. I was trying to think Crow Knife x where have I seen that handle before? Yup Tarwar. I'm gonna call it a Crowar until it's properly named lol I love how our first thought upon seeing a new or giant blade is about what BB would have said :)
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    Lachhu Monster Khukuri

    That tattoo is sweet!!
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    Another Monster Khukuri by Lachhu

    Holy cow...I think I like this one better than the last one even. Some sword in the stone stuff going on in that last pic! Who will be able to pull it?
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    Lachhu Monster Khukuri

    Good god man!! That's a behemoth!!! I'm using your thumb for scale on the spine, and even if we had the same sized thumbs that's freakin thick!! Probably between ¾-1"? You gonna take this thing to some trees? Or you gonna spare the forest on this one?
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    And a second Monday auction since it's been so gosh durned quiet around here lately.

    Dave, I suspect it's partial-tang, which partially accounts for the weight, or lack thereof, and part is due to the big fuller mentioned. I for one believe it's under 7oz, but I guess we'll see
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    Remembering Uncle Bill and Rusty

    Two of the many people I wish I could have met. I often share Uncle Bills sayings and definitely think about how he would have done things. WWUBD :)
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    And a second Monday auction since it's been so gosh durned quiet around here lately.

    Very very cool handle. Don't think I can scrape together the funds, but if no one bids I may have to break a piggy bank or 2. Not mine of course, those are already used up
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    Ram Kumar Char Chirra Khukuri

    Ahhh fuller overload!!
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    Survive Monday Western Bowie Auction.

    This is one incredible knife. I'm gonna say I'm leaving it cuz I have one already, but really it's cuz I'm broke :b regardless I'm glad it's up closer to the value it should be! Good work Bob
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    Deals for 3/23 --Pix, blems and huge savings

    Just ignore ndog, he's clearly been hittin that jazz cabbage again as there ain't no Reti in sight! A nice Kobra though lol but to his credit, the Kobra and Reti are almost the same, other than the Reti is made from an old file. The Kobra is made from the same 5160 used for other HI blades, but...
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    New Old Wheels for Bawanna

    Close your eyes and think of thin-spined IBBBs!
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    Deals for 3/23 --Pix, blems and huge savings

    I just used BLO on that one, but I recently got a knife back from Bawanna that he had coated with Tru Oil, and I like that too. The careful sanding is the important part that will bring out the grain
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    Deals for 3/23 --Pix, blems and huge savings

    TLR you did great. That rhododendron wood is very cool. One of my favorites. It's super light, especially that piece, and if you take the time to sand/polish it up to 1500-2000 grit, you will see some amazing grain patterns. I have one piece that has a silvery shimmer in the right light!
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    Rust is neglect.

    HA! That just made me laugh. I'm more with phantomknives. Little bit of rust gets scrubbed off with some steel wool, along with dried sap and such. The only reason I don't like them getting rusty is cuz if the edge rusts, I need to resharpen it
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    New Old Wheels for Bawanna

    Haha the old chair looks like you left it in a bad neighborhood for a few minutes. New chair looks pretty spiffy. Probably needs some pinstriping... Also a great deal on the chair. Leaves plenty of money for khukuris, if you can get em that is ;) sorry, too soon?
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    Deals for 3/23 --Pix, blems and huge savings

    That Siru is insane!! More of a sword than a khukuri at almost 30". And the price...well generous is an understatement
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    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    Ndog I think that's my favorite pic of you to date lol
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    Rust is neglect.

    Your right I plumb forgot about that. My M-43 is self sharpening. Sometimes it gets a little rust, but after a few branches or maybe a small tree she's back to tip top. Shiny on the sweet spot, maybe a little uh patina on the rest. I put extra work into making the sheath look good so you you...