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    Let's Melt Winter Snow with a HOT Scrimshaw Show (Thanks, r8shell!)

    About the best I can do as far as drawing is concerned are maybe stick men,but I do like scratching my stuff. I love your scrimshaw work r8shell, keep it up. Best regards Robin
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    The ULTIMATE in Green River knives ;-))))

    Thanks my friend, the Walnut club took over 40 hours to shape and another 20 to finish. Best regards Robin
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    The ULTIMATE in Green River knives ;-))))

    Hi Dave, I have seen war clubs with old knife blades before but they were always pointy, this is very unusual in style, a stylization of the gunstock war club. I'm trying to stay within the forum rules on auction spotting, but yes the marks are barely visible and without the Russell diamond...
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    Zulu Spears

    I don't think any are euro. The Zulus made a number of blade shapes. However, I am no expert on Zulu spears.
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    The ULTIMATE in Green River knives ;-))))

    Hi Jack, yes, the blades are all marked J.R. Russell & Co./ Green River Works. It's being called 1880 as a war club but the blades are surely earlier. Best regards Robin .
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    The ULTIMATE in Green River knives ;-))))

    Three early Green River blades mounted in an eary Lakota war club. Thought ya'll might enjoy. Best regards Robin
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    Same as the last -- Well almost.....

    Hello Todd, I sent you a message in your profile. Best regards Robin
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    Just A Picture - Traditional Picture Show

    Was hoping for Trilliums and Trout Lilies this week, instead we got 12 inches of new snow.:( Soon come,hopefully.:D Best regards Robin
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    New GEC #14 Boys Knife

    Sign me up for a little Barlow Charlie. How about an scratted ancient little one ;-)))) Best regards Robin
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    New GEC #14 Boys Knife

    Wonderful old pictures Lyle, thanks for sharing. Best regards Robin
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    "Old Knives"

    Hi Connor,the real use is a bit gross :D They're for cutting corns off your feet :o The blades are ground thin so are scalpel sharp. The handle is ivory and I kinda hope it isn't stained with blood :D Best regards Robin
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    Stag Saturday - Let's See Some Traditional Stag!

    Old stag and other stuff. Happy easter folks. Best regards Robin
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    "Old Knives"

    My first corn knife, a gift from Roland. Wostenholm celebrated mark and kind of interesting (unless it's the norm on corn knives) in that it has long, very thin nail nicks on both the pile and mark side of the blade, yet only one side is inlet. Are double nicks normal on corn knives? Best...
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    "Old Knives"

    Great old case Dave, I love the bone they used back in the tested XX period. This one has a much reshaped (or used) master blade but with great bone. I use this one often and have found it to take and hold an amazing edge. Best regards Robin
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    Do bone handles age well?

    Here are two farmers jacks the Utica on top has seen many years of use, the Orchard gem I used for about 6 months. Doesn't take long to start getting that beauiful bone Glow. I use a tiny touch of coconut oil to nourish the bone. Best regards Robin
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    Bought/won a box of Moras and bits

    A great bunch of working knives, congrats. Best regards Robin
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    Case handle, Camillus Blade?

    Thanks David and Rockon, I learn something every day, sometimes forget it by tomorrow.:D Best regards Robin
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    The TRADITIONAL sunday picture show!!!!

    Wonderful knife Jack and Great pics of the loom. Thanks for posting. Happy Spring folks. Best regards Robin
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    Case handle, Camillus Blade?

    Camillus made knives for many companies but I don't think they made knives for Case. I stand to be corrected though. Best regards Robin