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    MayDayGanzaaa!!! . . . . Coming Soon!!! . . . . Page 1

    One E is Sweet!!!
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    Hunting knife

    Awesome as well as the sheath nice blade.
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    How about Spectacular! Very Nice, love that koa and that Sweet sheath as well.
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    Sweet blades, I believe I'm a ghost guy. :thumbsup:
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    My "town & country" model

    Awesome looking EDC very nice work.
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    That's a beauty very nice.
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    4 Max Scout

    Just missed one of these Italians for a good price on the ex. Daaauumm! I do like those handle slab colors, Congrats.
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    Recommendation? Large SS knives

    Yes the whole handle is kind of round. I thought about sanding it flatter but the pins would also file down and then the handle would work loose most likely. I though about putting some rubber over the handle maybe. I also noticed that some really like the pack golock, it's the smaller version...
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    Lurquin Inspired Utility/Hunter

    Hotdam!! He's Back, What a Beautiful knife, very nice Tim. There's just so many things to like about this knife.
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    Recommendation? Large SS knives

    I see you mentioned the Condor Golock. I have one and the handle is very round so it rolls in the hand some what when chopping. The blade grind is very thick also. It's some thing to think about.
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    Made a paracord belt carrier for the War Hawk

    That's a lot of weaving nice work, and you have extra para cord if ever needed. :thumbsup:
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    Chopping balls

    Those helmets are tough, nice Chopping very accurate. :cool:
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    Scary and impressive gun accident

    I seen this on a gun forum I frequent and thought Dam! I don't care for that design especially in a 50cal. I used to shoot 50's when I was younger and they are nothing to mess with, a lot of power in that shell. I blew up an HK 91 back in 1990 so I know something on the subject. A bad cartridge...
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    VPK78 - An UNBELIEVABLE ACT OF KINDNESS!!!!!! HG55 MO received! ;)

    Prayers sent brother for your wife and family so sorry to hear.
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    Off Topic Need a Side by Side. Any recommendations?

    Yes it would great combo, 😁
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    Recommendation? Dawson knives CPM-3V steel

    You may want to ask your question in the General knife Discussion thread to get more answers, and Welcome to BladeForums.
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    Lets See Some Pure Fighters

    Your knives just keep getting better and your bowie style is nice also, Sweet blade.
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    Another 7.5" vest fighter-white micarta handle- SOLD

    Beautiful knife very nice and Congrats to it's new owner.
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    Opinion on the Cold Steel Spartan

    I wish I was a picture taker as I have a Spartan as well, pretty nice blade. It's a little stiffer than some of my other CS blades but it's getting better. I probably really need to take it apart and see what the grittyness is coming out of the handle for about the first inch. You can actually...
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    Opinion on the Cold Steel Spartan

    You do some Awesome work and that Spartan bead is Sweet as well, nice work. :thumbsup: