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  1. 360joules

    Sterile blade...genuine or not?

    The anorexic are only around 0.165" thin and most have a swedge. The non-anorexic are still pretty thin by Busse terms at only 0.187" (3/16"). This looks more like the latter to my eye. I know many prefer the thinner version, but I'm a huge fan of 3/16" in a small working blade. In either...
  2. 360joules

    Sterile blade...genuine or not?

    Yep. BA3 (Badger attack). Definitely genuine. I'll give you my shipping information.
  3. 360joules

    Which Busse?

    I think it's gonna be a lil' ugly * I also like the notion of the 3 finger as it implies you've lost a digit or two
  4. 360joules

    The best 7 inch Busse Kin Chopper?

    Personally, I've found comfort in the "lightweight 9-inch" category for my field knife with the basic 9 and EU17 magnum. For the shorter length you are asking about, the infi ratweiler and SHE2 that have been recommended are pretty great choices. My resiprene choice here would be the DS8.
  5. 360joules

    I.d. these Busse blades

    Yep. Quite a few Rats came sterile back in the day. :thumbsup:
  6. 360joules

    Photos Nothing But BUSSE & 'KIN Pics- Part III NO CHATTING

    MOAB - soon it will be tan EU17 Mag #1 Hog Badger
  7. 360joules

    Glock Holsters and Accessories

    Shipping is included in these prices. Thank you! Sold items updated.
  8. 360joules

    Glock Holsters and Accessories

    2. Glock 17/19/45 magazine holsters - Safariland paddle - black or black w leather layer over kydex. $35 each (FDE SOLD) SOLD 3. Streamlight TLR-8 weapon light. $120 4. Limbsaver pad for Tikka rifles. $10 SOLD 5. Glock 15rd 9mm magazine - for g19 - new in packaging. $25 SOLD 6. Glock...
  9. 360joules

    Will York is Ironic

    Welcome to BladeForums new guy. :thumbsup:
  10. 360joules

    Re issue wishlist

    This. Choilless. :thumbsup: And an INFI AK47.
  11. 360joules

    Glock and shooting accessories

    Yessir. :thumbsup: Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can work out the details
  12. 360joules

    Glock and shooting accessories

    These are the Gunsport Pro GSP-15
  13. 360joules

    Good 360joules is an excellent BF member!

    Ha! Since the new system was added, I forgot about this forum. Thanks brother. Ironwagon is also one of the best. I look forward to next time! Thank you! :cool::thumbsup:
  14. 360joules

    F-16 Picture Thread. Post them if ya got them...

    Nice looking family there. That looks just like the tan/tan AK that I need. Thanks for posting the pic. :thumbsup:
  15. 360joules

    F-16 Picture Thread. Post them if ya got them...

    Great pictures. I’m becoming more convinced. Can you post a pic from the side showing the stack of layers? I’d love to compare it to a side view of a snakeskin game warden or similar.
  16. 360joules

    F-16 Picture Thread. Post them if ya got them...

    Without seeing it in person, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that top layer is snakeskin. Black. Red. Yellow. It looks different on every knife it's on.
  17. 360joules

    Authenticating a sterile Battle Rat

    Nice looking Battle Rat. As often as not, the Rats would ship without logos. Early on they had them, then as wait times increased they mostly shipped without them so that they would get into the hands of folks who had waited a year or so for their orders. Those were the glory days IMO...
  18. 360joules

    Glock and shooting accessories

    Consider them yours! Shoot me a PM and we'll make arrangements. Sold items updated. Many items still for sale!
  19. 360joules

    Glock and shooting accessories

    SOLD 19. Blackhawk dual mag pouch for glock 17/19/45. $15 SOLD SOLD 20. Etymotic active hearing protection. Barely used. $160 SOLD 21. Warren front night sight - I’m not convinced that the size of this front sight is actually the size on the packaging. Gamble! $25 SOLD 22. Safariland QLS...