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    Off Topic Need a Side by Side. Any recommendations?

    I am not a brand snob but as mentioned above, I have a Ranger, and my dad has had 5 over the last 18 years or so (currently has 2). In 4WD and low range - I've never gotten anything close to stuck in any of them. Almost boringly easy to move through rough and steep terrain. I'm sure most of the...
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    Off Topic Need a Side by Side. Any recommendations?

    I bought my Polaris Ranger 800 new back in 2014 and it's been excellent for me.
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    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    I've struggled with pics in the past. Let me try here. 96A8FA2E-BB6D-4914-A1F9-7999E51F6796 by Baron83 posted Mar 11, 2021 at 2:30 PM7C7FC9FB-A42E-4B9C-A590-04D10DE97892 by Baron83 posted Mar 11, 2021 at 2:30 PM
  4. 96A8FA2E-BB6D-4914-A1F9-7999E51F6796


  5. 7C7FC9FB-A42E-4B9C-A590-04D10DE97892


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    Yard Wharncliffe!!

    Delivered today. Very nice. Verrrrrry slicey.
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    FS: Benchmade Crooked River...reduced price

    I'm game on the mediator, but I no longer use PayPal. If you'll consider alternatives, let me know.
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    Bugout 535-GRY-1 and Infidel 3300BK-1701 values?

    Second is a 10th anniversary Infidel BNIB (3300BK-1701). Appears to be in perfect condition. Pics below. Thanks in advance!
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    Bugout 535-GRY-1 and Infidel 3300BK-1701 values?

    All, Trying to get an idea of value on a couple of knives. First is a 535GRY-1 Bugout marked "Protoype December 2017." Lightly used but in overall good shape. Has original box. Pics below.
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    You guys use shemaghs?

    I love them. Leave one in my truck all the time just in case. Have a couple others I wear for hunting. The versatility is excellent. Warm in winter, covered skin in summer, multi-use in bugout situation, etc. I have a real skin cancer fear so I wear them on the range in the summer pretty often...
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    Jerry! We neeeed it!
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    940 lightly used $135 shipped

    I'll take it. Please PM me PayPal details
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    Off Topic Best Christmas Gift???

    Have that same one. It's excellent for teaching the kids how to shoot better as I can see on my phone/iPad what they are seeing through the scope. Plus the zeroing process is so simple.
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    Part 2---Christmas Price reduction---Collection sell off 43 knives

    Your inbox is full. Would like to make offer on #45 ZT360. If you could PM me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
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    WTS: Seiko Alpinist, SKX, Maratac, EOS, Lumitop REDUCED

    Is that Maratac SR-35 the stainless or titanium?
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    Tactile Turn Bolt Action Mini TI

    I'll take it if still available.