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  1. zachG23

    LOWERED PRICE!Gayle Bradley 2,mini Commamder

    Gayle Bradley 2 Very nice condition Has been lightly used and sharpened. Has not been taken apart. Amazing lockup no movement any direction. $140 shipped priority PayPal only Emerson Mini Commnder Used but not abused. Has been sharpened solid lock up. Centering slightly off. $OLD shipped...
  2. zachG23

    Crk Inkosi, SW Gekko 1555, Emerson cqc7

    RK Inkosi Black Micarta is in great condition. Carried for awhile. Solid lock up. Few snail trials photos shows detail. Everything included PRICED TO SELL! $355 shipped us Real Steel Gekko 1555 Carried few weeks. D2 Steel Box included Lock up solid Factory edge. Asking $68 shipped...
  3. zachG23

    Steel Will 1555

    Carried for a little while Solid lock up Factory edge Asking $85 shipped us priority mail
  4. zachG23

    Inkosi Black Micarta

    Message sent
  5. zachG23

    Inkosi Black Micarta

    General mail cutting and some cardboard boxes
  6. zachG23

    Inkosi Black Micarta

    Great condition Solid lock up no blade play Few marks on handle Shaving sharp Comes with everything $440 shipped priority mail quick shipping and tracking.
  7. zachG23

    Emerson Sheepdog Bowie s35vn Natural Micarta

    Lightly used blade Locks up solid, no blade play either direction. Centering isn’t perfect. One light scratch on blade barely noticeable. Asking $145 shipped Box and very included
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    PM2, CRK Large 21

    PM2 digi Black Blade s30v User Includes box and everything No blade play $85 shipped US CRK sebenza 21 Solid lock up. First owner. Great condition Shaving sharp. Has been lightly used. Small Snail trails on both sides very minor. $360 shipped US
  11. zachG23