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    Sanding brass pin darkens wood scale

    I had a heck of a time with a scandi I was working on. I was using stacked birchbark and a brass bolster and some decorative shims between layers. What a mess. I ended up having to finish the bolster then shoeshine the stacked bark, but any contact with the brass and bark at the same time...
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    Cutting blade blanks

    Portaband with SWAG table.
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    Portable Band Saw

    I have the new Harbor Freight saw and Swag table, too. Great combination. I'm still on the original blade, but am trying my darndest to wear it out. Cutting all kinds of stuff with it. I think the table cost more than the saw.
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    TW-90 in New Shop. Convert to 220?

    Wow. This was great. Thanks so much for the information. It makes sense now since there is no neutral wire needed. I went out and got a 4 prong plug that matches my wall sockets, wired it up and the grinder runs perfectly. I was a little worried it might run backwards or something, but no...
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    TW-90 in New Shop. Convert to 220?

    I've just moved my grinder to my new shop. I used it in 115V configuration for several years in my old place, but my new shop only has GFI 115v and 4 prong twist lock 220v single phase plugs. I've always wanted to convert the TW-90 to 220 input, but the stock power cord has only three wires...
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    A bit rough on the outside

    Here's one of the Svords I've redone for myself. I think it's a really cool knife and I may just try out your roughout idea for it... Jigged bone handle scales, brass bolsters and mosaic pins. I used cold blue on the blade.
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    Eyelet Press Question

    I bought an arbor press from Enco eventually, but prior to that I just used my drill press. Worked great and cost nothing, since I already had the drill press...
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    SuperGlue finish question...

    Maybe the best solution would be to go ahead and do the SG buildup but remove the excess with acetone on a Q-tip prior to knocking the finish back with 0000 steel wool. I've been building up the finish, then steel wool smoothing it out, then applying white rubbing compound and a wax, bring it...
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    SuperGlue finish question...

    I've been working with some scales of redwood burl given me by a friend. It is not stabilized, but is pretty solid and quite beautiful. I have been having good luck with thin superglue as a finish on the wood, but there is residual superglue on the Loveless bolts and exposed full tang. I was...
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    Mule team 19

    Just started working on a few Mule 19s as contractor gifts. Is it my imagination or is the handle just a little bigger than on earlier models? Also, is seems the hole pattern is a bit different as well? Please forgive if this has already been addressed. It didn't show up in a cursory search...
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    Best versatile belt grinder out there?

    TW-90. I had a little money left over at the end of our fiscal and my CFO asked me if there were any tools I wanted. The rest is history. Luckily, my CFO didn't know the costs of all the other brands, but I certainly have no regrets. Been using it for two years and still have only just...
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    Smoothing Loveless Bolts?

    I've been working on a knife with contoured handle of Alder burl. The Loveless bolts holding the scales on bulge out a bit, disturbing the flow of the material. I was doing better keeping them flush when using my grinder, but when I went to hand sanding for final shape, the bolts, being harder...
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    Epicurean Cutting Boards as Handle Material

    I have an extra of these micarta-like cutting boards and thought I'd try making knife handles out of it. Anybody using this material this way? It's about 1/4" thick and made of wood particles and resin. Very durable. Actually, they make cutting boards out of it! Apparently, Wusthof is using...
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    Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener - Ken Onion Edition

    It is possible to use half inch belts on the KO Worksharp. They even include one in the kit. I wonder how long it will take before the belt manufacturers start making up .75x12" belts.
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    Knife vise interest? Video added

    I'd be interested in both items. I'd go for the base and all the gizmos, too.
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    Nielsen disc grinder interchangeable system group buy

    I'm interested in the disc grinding system.
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    G Flex Epoxy

    I have a question about the G-flex epoxy. I like to measure small batches of epoxy on a jeweler's scale. Does it mix 1:1 by weight, as well as volume? I read somewhere you should use 1.2:1, resin to hardener by weight, but I can't corroborate. Might be making a mountain out of a mole hill...
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    Dangerous tools

    Probably the worst I've ever hurt myself was with a radial arm saw in my Dad's workshop. I think there's still blood on the ceiling in the basement of that house. Not from arterial spray but from me running around swearing and shaking my hand up and down. That was 43 years ago and I still...
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    secret weapon?

    Don't know it's that much of a secret, but I'm loving my TW-90.
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    cut my finger already! lol... WIP (first knife, pic heavy!)

    I have never understood why people will throw so much time and effort into a project based on inferior materials. When I decide to spend a weekend (or a week or month) of my time on something, I want the results to be worth the effort. That's just me, though.