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    Hashemite (Jordanian) Bedlam

    My newest acquisition. I have two of them now. And a group shot with my fixed-blade "Carnage", my sterling silver & ivory pendant (which I made, myself), and a pic of the Warrior King himself - Abdullah II, who was responsible for the development of the Bedlam model.
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    Holt Specter V4 (SOLD)

    SOLD No Trades. #790 Near-mirror stonewash. Stored in its box since new. (A speck of suede from the mat is on the lock-side scale in one pic. The knife is perfect in every way).
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    I sure didn’t mean to come off as bragging, although I am super-pleased how these came out.
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    Since I plan to EDC this one, I decided to go w/something a little more interesting to look at than plaid old, white, elephant ivory. Mammoth it is.
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    Holt Specter V4 #790 (Stored Since New)

    I posted the wrong pouch (from a V3).
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    Holt Specter V4 #790 (Stored Since New)

    Sorry, I grabbed the wrong bag (from a V3). I’ll post pics of the correct one ASAP.
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    Holt Specter V4 #790 (Stored Since New)

    Oops. Thanks. Will be corrected.
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    Holt Specter V4 #790 (Stored Since New)

    $1400 incl. shipping Never used, never carried. PayPal only. (I mistakenly posted the Zippered case from my V3. Correct case pics at bottom). Correct case below
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    Mixed inventory

    DEK1 3V
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    940 Picture Thread: Show us those 940s!!

    -91 wearing ivory.
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    What kind of folder do you carry?

    Carrying this one today. Benchmade Bugout wearing ivory.
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    The CPK - Buy, Sell and Trade thread

    Try me at scotteasterling at
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    What kind of folder do you carry?

    Carrying this one today.
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    Photos! Post your CPK photos here!

    Put a thicker handle on my Shiv. Ivory & vintage Micarta. Ahhh, this is much better in hand. Now I just need to have a nice sheath made. Recommendations?
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    The "Ask Nathan a question" thread

    Thanks, Nathan. I wondered if that was also a consideration, but forgot to say it in my question.