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    AFAustin’s 8th Annual "Going to the Dogs" Sale (Part 8)---Donations Made!

    Wow...I never knew about this. What a beautiful thing. All of you are amazing people.
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    SOLD:*Hand Engraved* Al Mar Classic Eagle Talon

    That is absolutely beautiful work....well done.
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    Sadly Sold -NIB CRK Large Sebenza Native American CGG

    I am sure that I speak for ALL of us here when I say we are happy to have you as a member Ron. You have earned our respect as a stand up individual and a man of his word. The world would be a better place if there were more like you sir. Well done. You'll be repaid in different forms many times...
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    Sadly Sold -NIB CRK Large Sebenza Native American CGG

    please no....i've been looking for this knife for years edited to include: I think im gonna hurl...
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    Still and always will be subscribed to this one. Please leave it up....i'll get there soon enough I hope!
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    Payment sent for Hunter instead. Thanks Tom!
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    Pm sent requesting PayPal info.
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    I'll take the other one
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    DougC will live on...

    wow, just read this. Sad news, he will be missed.
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    Issue with transaction

    so, what happened with this? did you get your knife?
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    Field Knife pre-order thread, CLOSED

    Natural brown micarta please. Thanks Sent BF email 11/17
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    Stay away from MFCknifenTOOL (aka Matt Freeman NOT "CharlieMike")

    The tats are a riot. "Loyalty" , "Strength and Honor". LOL!