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    MSI Laptop, Apple Watch 4

    This is the MSI PS42 Modern 14” laptop. I bought it several months ago and didn’t really use it much. I thought I would use it a lot because it’s relatively powerful and you can do a bit of gaming on it, with the discrete graphic card. I have a private practice and figured I could enjoy the time...
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    Sold: Mnandi box elder, raindrop

    Looking more for folders. But thanks for the offer.
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    Sold: Mnandi box elder, raindrop

    Just took delivery on this box elder burl with raindrop damascus Mnandi. Opened and closed it a few times but haven’t used it. Just got it today. Comes with everything. Will trade for small customs or custom traditionals or possibly other Mnandis or CRK. Would trade for another Mnandi with...
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    Sold. Jens Anso Monte Carlo

    Thanks for the offer. Still available.
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    Sold. Jens Anso Monte Carlo

    Jens Anso Monte Carlo, TAD version. Centered perfectly. Opens up halfway with a stop, then all the way. Blade has hand rubbed finish and looks amazing. Can be opened one-handed with the pinch method fairly easily. No discernible blemishes. Does not appear to have been used. I carried it once...
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    Sale/Trade: Reduced again, Jens Anso Monte Carlo

    Carried once or twice for a few minutes, never been used to cut anything. Includes the box and slip sheath. Disclosure, when I received the knife the clip was way too tight and in trying to bend it a bit, I scratched it. I emailed Jens Anso (great and responsive guy), about how tight the clip...
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    Withdrawn Jens Anso Monte Carlo

    Jens Anso Monte Carlo, slip joint. Just received this today and while it's an amazing knife, it's just not exactly what I'm looking for. Excellent condition, never been carried or used. No blemishes at all that I can see. Functions perfectly, centered perfectly. Can be opened one-handed if...
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    Sold PF Microsoft Surface Go

    Microsoft Surface Go, 8gb RAM, 128gb storage. Includes Cobalt Alcantra Type Cover and Cobalt Surface Pen. Just purchased this a few months ago and have barely used it. I ended up buying a MacBook Pro and went past the return date for the Go from the store. I've used it maybe a total of 5-6...
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    Sold. Carbon fiber small Inkosi

    Knifeart's carbon fiber Small Inkosi, excellent condition. I received this in trade so I am not the original owner. There are some minimal scuffs on the clip and a small amount of wear or rubbing on the edges that is not noticeable unless you're looking for it. I'm sure it's been carried, though...
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    FSOT: Burger EXK-FL

    Trevor Burger EXK-FL folder. Includes box and authenticity paper. About a 2.75" M390 blade. No visible flaws. Never been used or carried. Asking $500 obo via Paypal. Includes shipping and insurance in the U.S. Will consider trades for Chris Reeve or other interesting mid-tech or custom...
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    SOLD Apple Watch Series 3 LTE 42mm stainless steel

    Apple Watch series 3 LTE 42mm stainless. Has Apple Care warranty until 3/14/2020. Has some scratches/blemishes on the stainless case, but most aren’t really noticeable in regular use. There is one scratch, however, that is larger (see photo). I had to take multiple photos to get it to show up...
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    FSOT: Burger EXK FL Reduced again

    Just traded for this recently and have decided to let it go. This is the version with the approximately 2.75” M390 blade. It’s in excellent condition without a single blemish that I can see. Locks up perfectly and is centered. $525 obo via PayPal goods and services includes shipping in the US...
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    TRADED. Mnandi, mesquite, old style nail nick

    Mnandi has been traded. Thanks.
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    TRADED. Mnandi, mesquite, old style nail nick

    Just bought this off the exchange a few days ago and it’s a bit small for me. Excellent condition, can’t see any blemishes anywhere. Lockup is perfect and centered. This has the old nail nick and is really easy to open one handed. $traded PayPal good and services includes shipping in the US...
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    For Sale: iPhone 6s Plus

    iPhone 6s Plus, space gray, 64gb. I used it on the AT&T network and I’m not sure if it can be used on another one. Excellent condition. Functions flawlessly. I upgraded a while back and this one hasn’t been used since then. No noticeable scratches or scuffs anywhere. I can include an Otterbox...
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    Sold. Small Sebenza, solar system raindrop damascus

    Small sebenza solar system with Nichol’s raindrop damascus. Excellent condition. I just bought this about 1 month ago. I thought it would be my permanent edc but I can’t seem to stop carrying my carbon fiber small inkosi. This one was carried a few times and used to cut very little. I did touch...
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    The Inkosi Appreciation Thread

    Nice, I had no idea that was possible. That’s something to think about. Thanks.
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    The Inkosi Appreciation Thread

    I hope this is ok here, as I didn’t want to start a new thread just for this question. Has there been any report of if/when the Inkosi line will be made with unique graphics and/or wood inlays? I recently bought a really nice small sebenza with the Solar System graphic and raindrop damascus...
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    Sold. Small Sebenza Morning Sun, raindrop damascus

    Just received this and it’s not doing it for me. Hoping for a quick sale. I carried this for a day and did not use it to cut anything. It has a bd of 3/26/18. The only mark I can find on it is on the clip, which might be noticeable in the photo of the back. It’s almost unnoticeable. It’s...