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  1. Bobber

    Best for batoning?

    The Regulator has a blade shape made for battoning, that deep hollow grind is easy to start into the wood, but as the thickness increases so fast, it acts like a wedge. The wood just "explodes" apart after just a few whacks..
  2. Bobber

    Information wanted

    Has anyone got any info on this knife, picture borrowed from the internet. I had one years ago, but unfotunately sold it. And I just need to get me another one.. It has a false edge that goes up a third of the spine, then transits to full thickness. It came with the Cordura sheath and velcro strap.
  3. Bobber

    Busse NMFBMLe for sale

    No interest for this grail?
  4. Bobber

    Bowie framelock flipper

    I would love to get my hands on a Framelock flipper with a Bowie-style blade. Any tips from you guys? Can't seem to find one anywhere.... Preferably in the 3 to 4" blade range..
  5. Bobber

    Busse NMFBMLe for sale

    Logo is unfortunately gone, because I polished of the resin from the blade, but I have the receipt laying at home, from Busse.
  6. Bobber

    Busse NMFBMLe for sale Busse NMFBMLe, slightly used, 1000$ (Last one of these I've seen listed, was a mint condition, without sheath, for 1975$) Been with me on three hikes and tested on a 2"4 chop. Comes with a custom left-handed drop leg sheath with baby python inlays and...
  7. Bobber

    Heads up

  8. Bobber

    Blade Show 2020

    Beware of the Beckerheads, they'll most likely try to get you drunk, I speak from experience, But, they are awesome to hang out with..
  9. Bobber

    Snapped BK-2 during batoning back in 2014?

    Make a folder... That would be awesome.
  10. Bobber

    Been gone...Way too long....

    What the heck, glad you're in one piece Bossman, sorry to hear about your accident. Really happy that things turned out ok. Heal up, don't rush things.. Smoke and prayers sent your way from Norway
  11. Bobber

    Having a good day with my BK17 (Pic Heavy)

    You own a Becker, so if you have enough responses and threads you are elligeible for a Beckerheadnumber... I've got 245 and live in Oslo Norway. I:ve got t-shirts, caps and patches.... Lots of patches,
  12. Bobber

    Orlando Hogs

    Def gonna need a visit to a shooting range with my 17year old, he needs to shoot some fun stuff.. And some tips on places to buy knives..
  13. Bobber

    Orlando Beckerheads

    Allready booked a visit there, and locked down all my credit cards, lol..
  14. Bobber

    Things I have learned using Becker knives

    If you ever get to try out the BK4....
  15. Bobber

    Orlando Hogs

    Flying over to Orlando Fl or more closely Kissimmee Orlando with the wife and Kids (13 and 17 years) tuesday morning. Any Hogs nearby? Or any advice as to what to see/do while there?
  16. Bobber

    Orlando Beckerheads

    Any Beckerheads in Orlando FL or Even closer, Kissimmee Orlando... I fly over Tuesday with my wife and Kids (13 & 17 years).. Any chance to meet up, or advice on what to do/see while there...
  17. Bobber

    Is this the genuine article?

    I also remember fondling that 2015 folder from Busse, it's about the laast thing I remember from that evenings, but I do remember the smooth, sturdy feel of that knife.... Before Jerry souped me up on JWB,
  18. Bobber


    Hope to see you next year Ethan, the Vikings are allready planning the trip, and then there Will be Even more of us..
  19. Bobber


    For us unlucky SOBs that could not attend this year, here's the place to post your bragging pics....