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    Spring cleaning...22lr, 25acp, 32acp and 40 S&W

    I’ll take 4 boxes of .25 bkoncewicz at hotmail dot com mtsickboy
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    Reylight Gemini, Sig P320 Barrel

    Sent an email with questions. mtsickboy
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    SOLD AR Ambi Safety, 3x Tulster Echo Pro Universal Double Stack Mag Carriers

    I’ll take the ambi. bkoncewicz at hotmail dot com.
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    SOLD - Guardian Tactical Recon 040 - FS/FT

    Available? bkoncewicz @
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    Microtech Dirac Blue

    I’ll take this! bkoncewicz @ hotmail dot com mtsickboy
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    Good buy from TenShun705. Fast shipping and better than described. Thanks, man! mtsickboy
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    (Price drops!) Dalton Scale Release / Dalton Scout

    Could you please email me at: bkoncewicz at hotmail dot com
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    Protech TR-3 X1 M - SOLD

    Interested! bkoncewicz at hotmail dot com
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    Sold Matt Diskin Wheel D/A

    I’m assuming this is longgggg goneeeee..... mtsickboy
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    Lumintop LM10 / Reylight Brass Pineapple

    Man.... back up on the lumintop....
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    FS: Rovyvon A2 flashlight. Small and bright.

    Paid. Thanks! Sorry I didn’t have phone access.... mtsickboy
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    FS: Rovyvon A2 flashlight. Small and bright.

    I’ll take this. My email is bkoncewicz at mtsickboy
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    Spikes Tactical 37mm side loading launcher with fireworks $400

    Really looking forward to pics.... mtsickboy
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    Sold - Dalton D/S Design Scale Release

    Please email me at bkoncewicz at
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    SOLD Mag Light, Raven Concealment

    Sent an email on the mags.