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  1. riffraff

    Beer and Blades!

  2. riffraff

    Kershaw Forum re-opened

    Wait, what???
  3. riffraff

    ZT0300 Factory Blemish question

    If the guy is on various knife forums and sells knives, he knew what the XXXX meant. :mad: If he had been just someone off of eBay, for instance, and a non-knife knut, then yeah, give him the benefit of the doubt. But a seller selling knives on knife forums knows.
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    Kershaw Recurve

    Fair amount of difference between condescension and an out-right insult, don't you think? :rolleyes:
  5. riffraff

    Company of ex-Kershaw employees?

    Google Maps says they're 5.7 miles away from one another. :cool...
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    is there any talk of spyderco coming out with assisted ?

    Fact: an "assisted opening" knife opens by the user deploying the blade (i.e., not pressing a button holding back a loaded spring). Fact: "Assisted opening" knives have been ruled to be "not a switchblade" by numerous courts. You can't make AOs illegal by merely calling them switchblades...
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    tenacious or cyclone

    No kidding. :D I'd say one would be hard pressed to find another example of that level of support in a general forum on teh interwebs. Hey, Thomas! My Cyclones (which are mechanically fine, BTW) came to me too sharp. Can you send me a different knife? :p :D As far as the "AOs break all...
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    Not so great customer service?

    Not quite following your logic here, but if Kershaw knives stick in your craw (as they appear to), let's try the Zero Tolerance warranty. Much higher priced knives of "expensive materials" (your term). But, look, they have the same policy...send it and they'll fix or replace it. No up-front...
  9. riffraff

    New Purchase, highly recomended

    Scallions are incredibly underrated, especially as an EDC utilitarian knife. :thumbup: What's the model number on yours?
  10. riffraff

    Is the SOG field pup a good hunting knife?

    RATs have bling? :eek:
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    Kershaw Lockbacks Made in China!!

    Yeah, 53 just didn't sound right. Not from Kershaw. Glad it got sorted out. :thumbup:
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    Membership changes, was New Policy: You sell knifemaker's products, you are a dealer

    If I go to your paracord site, second tab from the right: "Ordering." How is that not selling gear?
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    Outdoor Edge Pocket-Lite folding knife

    I've got a Model FL-10 Field-Lite, also with AUS-8. Decent knife. Seems to me it won "Best Imported Folder" or some such at Blade a few years back. One of the better AUS-8 heat-treatments, in my experience. Too bad the company pretty much disappeared from view.
  14. riffraff

    In search of an upgrade from the R.A.M.

    My RAM gets a disproportionate amount of EDC time, and the G&G Grip Clip isn't helping (all the other knives are getting jealous). It does save wear and tear on pockets. After reading this thread, I've got an urge for a new RAM... Hey Phillip, what wood would ("wood would?") go well...
  15. riffraff

    Kershaw Lockbacks Made in China!!

    Neither of you have a very firm grasp of history, do you? You might want to read Charles Kingsley's "Cheap Clothes and Nasty." You might be able to download it on your Chinese computer. :rolleyes:
  16. riffraff

    Shallot, what a...

    Leeks open fast, no doubt. But there's also less mass to get moving, too. Shallots, for the most part, will open faster after they've been played with a bit.
  17. riffraff

    Speed and Spec bump

    There's also the 1595AL, the older speed bump with the black-anodized aluminum scales. Around $55-$80. Nice knife.
  18. riffraff

    Favorite Kershaw Knife?

    They all take their turns in the EDC line-up, but a current fav is the black R.A.M. with Grip Clip: