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    So I want a 6 to 7 inch camp knife/chopper...

    +1 to the kabar heavy bowie! my friend bought the 9" bladed version (from my recommendation) and I've been really impressed with it. It cuts, chops and splits well, holds an ok edge and seems to be plenty tough. for 50$ it's an awesome deal too!
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    INFI vs bone

    reconseed: I don't think sr77 would have faired as well. INFI has more edge strength than sr77. (which is different than "toughness" or impact resistence) don't some people have more problems with factory edges on busse's? I know people that have had chipping on bone but after a sharpening...
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    Sure is Quiet Over Here.

    face HD. no black coated blades, no tanto's, no serrations, no skull crushers or grip tape handles! these knives just aren't cool! :D
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    Fasting, Starvation, & Survival

    I haven't read all the posts in this thread so sorry if this has been said already but... I my science teacher told me recently about an experiment that was done, said that people (I think he said they used mice for the experiment?) were healthier and had more energy when they ate only 1/3 of...
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    My damn RTAK broke!

    while, were on the subject... I've batoned my rd9 through about an 8" diameter round of wood. (the choil was in the wood and I had about 1 inch to baton) All the screws came out and I went through 4 or 5 batons... but it was fine. :D I also agree, the SY handle doesn't absorb shock from...
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    4" fixed blades at or under $100

    Ranger knives. The shiv and the rd4 are both around that size and well under 100$ :D
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    Oh NO! Save us from..."Another request for advice on a fixed blade knife"

    BTW. the barkr iver aurora is A2. I would suggest something from barkriver. they have SO many different models, one is bound to meet your criteria perfectly. (and most do) A canadian special would be perfect, in all honesty. If you want something custom though, other people have offered...
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    Survival Knife for a noob

    I don't seem people using them really hard THAT often, however nothing is too nice to use for me. especially considering they are MADE to use. whats so nice about them that makes them hard to use? the fact that they're nice should make them easier to use. I don't doubt they can handle most any...
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    Pit impressed with Mora !!!!

    ahahahaha! I can't believe this thread is still at the top of the page!\ lol this is great... really. :D
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    Ranger Knives

    i get 'em straight from the man! I would go to knifeforums (Justin has a subforum down there) for information. BUT here are some dealers listed on his site... (although I like to get my rangers customized a little, so I order from justin)
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    Fox River Magnum Passaround

    wow! I wish I could've gotten in on this (as I really want to see what barkies are all about... guess I'll just have to buy one now! :D) but this is a great gesture and should really help "spread the barkie bug" as mike put it. lol I can't wait for the reviews! :D
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    Killing pests in PA

    LOL! they freak out if you do that man! (squirrels at least) honeslty... I'm not saying "break the law" but honestly, my neighbor (and I live in freaking nj!) shot a racoon right outside of his house (it was literally like 1' from his house. he messed up the siding, but it's covered with...
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    coyote songs

    A long time ago, when my dad was in this rehab place in the pine barrens, we would stay their late... and one night, from across the lake, we all stood in the dark parking lot and listened to the coyotes howl. I was pretty freaked out at first, but I realized how beautiful nature is. Also...
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    Cooking: The 500 S&W Method

    yeah, this was posted on knifeforums. def. cool. :D
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    gerber "profile"

    I actually have one. It feels pretty good in the hand but... idk how the edge was when I got it.... I tried convexing it but it's hard to get really sharp. (I think) although I think all my crappy sharpening jobs might have screwed it up. idk how it would perform for bushcrafting honestly...
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    Feral dogs

    It does depend alot on the lines of the dog too. actually thats probably one of the biggest factors. oh sorry! :D
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    Feral dogs

    wow! this thread is old... didn't even realize that. :D sorry.
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    Feral dogs

    neapolitan mastif is the best guard dog you can get. :D but pits are I guess mainly bred for fighting abd baor baiting so they normally have a high agtression towards other animals, or anything that may look like prey. they have an extremely strong prey drives and I think they are a little...
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    Black Locust as Firewood??????

    lol I don't know if I just never noticed this before (if it happens when you split wood) or if it was just this stuff but it was pretty cool either way. :D
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    Your Favorite Chopper

    UDT the axe pictured is a sportsmans axe. which can be easily outchopped by many knives actually. my tow favorites are the DFLE and my Ranger rd9 ... of course they are also my only two. :D