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  1. Tohatchi NM

    Madison Barlow Give Away. ***Winner***

    How about the Northwoods Great Lake Sailor. Interesting name, but I'm not sure how to fill out the blades. Something that a sailor on the Great Lakes could've carried during Scagel's heyday. Maybe a jackknife with bail. Large sheepsfoot or wharncliff. Small spearpoint or cap...
  2. Tohatchi NM

    M-43 or Ganga Ram?

    Ganga Ram. My vote, given the two. The BGRS is more typical of most mid-sized HI khuks. The M43 is a bit of a different animal, mostly in the handle smoothness and curvature. Not sure what current production is like in that regard. In my hands, the M43 seems like it wants to slash and...
  3. Tohatchi NM

    ID khukri

    You might want to check out the deal of the day post from 1/3 - first two khuks in the group shot have some similar lines to the two you picked out (mostly pointier-than-normal for HI). The British Army Service model also has similar lines - in pointier versions, that is.
  4. Tohatchi NM

    I can use some help

    Given your list, I'd start with the 16.5" chiruwa ang khola. The proportions and weight are all just right. The shorter length makes it a bit handier for general camp chores, and it will still handle big chopping tasks. Wood handle is probably a better choice for use with gloves, but horn is...
  5. Tohatchi NM

    Trying to patina a WWII

    Pretty cho on that one. Also nice belly towards the tip. If the tip has been hardened, you should be able to tell with a careful sharpening stroke. You should get more bite on softer areas toward the cho, and more slip in the hamon area. Compare how the tip behaves to those areas. Also...
  6. Tohatchi NM

    A little something on the way

    Heavy or not, the balance is probably spot on.
  7. Tohatchi NM

    Perfect Mean Street

    Got one of those way back in the back of this here drawer....
  8. Tohatchi NM

    Update On Master Kami Bura

    Good news.
  9. Tohatchi NM

    Insingo lanyard pin issue

    Interesting. I see the same lanyard contact on mine, but haven't had a problem. As Leonwood suggested, you could shorten up the lanyard so the fat part is closer to the scales and limits the rotation, but this might make the lanyard less useful. I think the lanyard pivot is the same style...
  10. Tohatchi NM

    As promised... YCS Gloat Pix!

    You're reading it rong. The khuk is 45 inches long, and his hands are 10 inches wide.
  11. Tohatchi NM

    Bura and Murali

    Bura has pounded a lot of steel. Hopefully his strength and health will return, and he will enjoy some well-deserved rest.
  12. Tohatchi NM

    Busse Flagship

    I think the pre-ergo Steel Heart and Battle Mistress patterns are the essence of "Busse-ness". They were mainstays of the line during a period when Busse went from Jerry at the grinder to a full-fledged company. Many of the current knives take styling cues from the SH and BM, and their best...
  13. Tohatchi NM

    Good News

    That is good news. Thanks for the update!
  14. Tohatchi NM

    Good leather wallets?

    Some more US-made options: Hartmann - I like their belting leather. It starts off natural color, and darkens as you use it. Some of my stitching is starting to wear, but overall construction is good. Orvis - they carry a Bison leather wallet made in the US. I don't think all of their...
  15. Tohatchi NM

    Update, Drs' Appointment Today.....

    Well, at least he's not doing the surgery through your nose. :eek::rolleyes: Gotta play the cards you're dealt, but I'm hoping you pull out a straight flush! Smoke up. :)
  16. Tohatchi NM

    The first sheath from the first run - one for Lt Col Anderson.

    I like the dangler ring. Does it screw apart to allow for removal? Quality job all-around!
  17. Tohatchi NM

    HI Polishing Methods?

    Something similar to red jeweler's rouge often remains in cracks and crevices on the handle and blade details. I suspect the key ingredient is lots of elbow grease. Polishing is time- and labor-intensive, which is why matte finishes are more common on items produced by industrialized...
  18. Tohatchi NM

    Attention!!!. . . HOGs, Dogs, & Rats Who Are Headed To Knob Creek. . . .

    If I were Garth, I'd register under an assumed name. Something safe like "Justin Timberlake" or "The Jonas Brothers". Teeny boppers are scary, but they're rarely armed. :D
  19. Tohatchi NM

    Has anybody modded a BAD to make the choil bigger?

    I like the hack-style talon hole removal. Makes a weird looking Busse, but I'd rather not sacrifice the edge length, especially on an AD or GW.